Android Release 0.43.0


A new Android release (0.43.0) is rolling out to the Play Store now, and will be available for you to download shortly.

What’s new?

  • You can now add your Starling card to Google Pay directly from the app (great news for new customers – start spending before your physical card arrives!).
  • Found that our customer chat has been timing out a bit recently? That’s sorted.
  • We’ve also added a button for your transaction feed so you can find it more easily.

Swipe for transactions removed!?

Just installed the latest Android version of the app and I can’t believe that the swipe up for the transaction list has been removed! Why would you do that??? Huge UI backward step IMHO :anguished: It also means the nice transition from Pulse to transaction list has gone.

I know I might sound like I’m making a mountain out of a molehill but I’m astonished!

Edit: the Pulse has also been moved down a bit so it looks weird. The little arrow you had previously was already a button that could be clicked - it was just the wrong way up. All you had to do was turn the arrow the other way around.


How do you get to transactions now then? Screenshot?


There’s a button at the bottom right hand side.


I need to see this.


Agree with all of that @danmullen.
That’s a nasty green icon bottom right!


Wow in-app provision has arrived in the latest android release. Another U.K. banking first. Superb work guys. :raised_hands:t2:


Yuck! Bring it back! It was so easy to just swipe up instead of looking for a button to click on. This really is a backward UI experience.



The button bottom right?


Round green button at bottom right. The white icons are Android system UI.


Awful UI !


@Harry @sarah.guha This is a horrible move, I’m totally baffled by the decision. Can anyone shed some light on what the reasoning is behind this?


Right, I don’t like that button bottom right. The swiping up is something I love about Starling!


Me too. I absolutely hate this UI change.


Agree! Step backwards, fixing an issue that never existed. Bring back the swipe.


I’m not really a fan of the swipe up. Even more so since the pulse only shows the days spending. If it showed month etc I’d be less inclined to not like it


To be fair, they might of had huge amounts of customer contact on finding it difficult to access transactions, so the UI change might be due to that.


IMO It should be a swipe left/right to change pulse periods, day, week, month… And swipe up for transactions.


Great to see the addition of in-app provisioning and the CS issues being addressed.

I’ve just removed my card from Google Pay, and added it again via in-app provisioning, just to try it. Flawless :+1: