Android Release 0.42.0


This release is now rolling out to everyone.

We’ve made some changes to our app login, improving the design of our passcode and fingerprint login screens, and made it easier for customers to find and turn on fingerprint login feature. We’ve also added support for Android P for our customers who have downloaded the early beta version and from the Android app you can now make international payments to the US in USD.

We’ve also fixed some small bugs. As always we’d love your feedback on this app version.


Is there a log of small bugs fixed? I’m sure I’m not alone when I say it would be Interesting to know.

Ps. Love the new fingerprint screen


@sarah.guha I posted this on another thread but it really belongs here…

I’ve updated, all seemed well at first but I’ve just had to force close. It rejected my fingerprint and took me to the passcode screen. Entering my passcode led to a message saying that I’d entered the wrong code, which I know I hadn’t.

After force closing and reopening, it’s working again.

Incidentally, I’m on Android O 8.1.


I do like the look of the new fingerprint login screen. I agree with @BenG, a change log would be great so we can see what bugs are ironed out.

Also, I’m delighted you’ve added USD to the foreign transfer function. Massive plus for me :+1:t2:


In regards to other bugs we addressed it was a combination of things we needed to tidy up (not customer impacting) and a few small updates. We tweaked the avatar scale for Settle Up and amended error messages for our outbound payment limits.


+1 for change log.

Fingerprint works well for me (S7 Edge), but if I (deliberately) get it wrong, I can only use passcode (not set up) - prior to update I could use pattern…

So it would be good if fingerprint failure gave pattern as subsequent option as well as / instead of passcode.


Bear in mind @philby, it’s the application passcode, not your device passcode.


Now it’s saying I’ve entered the incorrect passcode too many times, have to wait a minute… :frowning:


Understood - I was hoping device pattern prompt would supplant app passcode prompt if user has not set any app passcode.


Hi @danmullen thanks for your feedback. We have moved from using your device security (passcode, pattern or fingerprint) to implementing these on our app. It was based on feedback that our implementation was inconsistent and confusing, so we wanted to simplify our login model. This means that if the app was asking for a passcode, it was requesting the one you have saved previously for Starling - not the one you use to unlock your phone. Can you confirm which one you were entering?

If when you update the app detects that you do have a Starling passcode, it will ask for it to log you in. Once logged in you can turn on Fingerprint if you device supports it from the Login & Security section of the app.

If when you update the app detects that you do not have a passcode set for the Starling app, it will prompt you to choose how to log in to the app going forward. If your device supports fingerprint and you have this set up you can choose fingerprint or passcode, otherwise you’ll be asked to only create a passcode. Note, you will need your account password to save your new app passcode.

Let me know if this was the experience for you.



@sarah.guha I got the choice between fingerprint and passcode or just passcode, selecting the first option. (I always login with fingerprint.) At no point was I asked to create a passcode.

Fingerprint login worked at first, then it failed and asked for my passcode. I entered the one I had set in the app previously. This was rejected multiple times. I force closed, restarted and was able to get in with fingerprint again.

I then went to the passcode settings and it kept asking for my existing passcode, which I entered. This kept getting rejected and I got locked out for a minute. I then went through the reset passcode process and set a new passcode (same as before). I was asked for my password to confirm then I had to go through the reset password process a second time. At the end of that, the passcode was set.

It is now working OK (so far…).


@danmullen my guess is that you set an app level passcode some time ago while playing with the toggle (or during onboarding - it was briefly mandatory for the early Android customers). You then disabled the option in order to use device security / fingerprint.

The upgrade screen knew you already had an app level passcode set so didn’t ask you to create a new one but it’s not something you had used for months.

That’s what happened to me anyway, still can’t figure out what passcode I picked and why it wasn’t my usual but I’ve not used it in months!

Now you’ve set the app level passcode again, you should be fine but do let us know if you experience issues!


@sam it was 100% the correct passcode though I think I may have figured out what was going on. One moment, was about to type but accidentally submitted!


@sam @sarah.guha in the old app, if you set fingerprint login on, did that wipe whatever passcode was set? If so, I believe the passcode entry screen that popped up wasn’t because of a failed fingerprint but perhaps it wanted me to set the new passcode? It mustn’t have been clear to me that this was a new passcode creation screen - either my fault for not reading properly or maybe it just wasn’t clear.

I still don’t know why it locked me out as I was using the same passcode I’ve always used. It was as if I was entering the passcode but then not verifying it by entering the same one a second time!


Good afternoon.

While I do like the new look, and I don’t mean to seem ungrateful, but are there any plans to bring back iris scanning in the future? If I say pretty please?

I’ve mentioned across a few places before that the fingerprint scanner on the s8+ is in the worst of places (especially with a case) and I always used and loved the ability to open Starling just by looking at my screen instead of fiddling around.

Thank you. :blush:


Hi @ItsPaul now we’re no longer using the device security we won’t support iris or pattern in the near term.


Oh ok. :cry: It’s not really the answer I hoped for, but I’m grateful for the quick response and I guess it’s not the end of the world! :thinking:

Thank you again, for your honesty. :star_struck::star_struck:


No pattern - understood!
Have to say, silky smooth log in with both fingerprint and passcode.


Really like the new fingerprint login screen. Looks much more professional!


The update has fixed the issue whereby I couldn’t login via fingerprint on my Xiaomi device.

However, it was a bit convoluted at first. When I initially launched the app it asked if I wanted fingerprint plus passcode or just passcode. I selected fingerprint and was then prompted for my pattern login. Multiple launches of the app still requested pattern login. I eventually went into the app and toggled fingerprint off and back on. Now fingerprint started working. However, after successful fingerprint authentication I decided to try the wrong finger as an experiment. At this point it asked for a passcode that I couldn’t give it as I’ve never set one. I eventually got in and reset the passcode.

It now seems to be working ok.

Edit: I’ve now noticed my goals are in a different order as the one that was conveniently at the bottom of the list is now buried in the middle. It’s inconvenient as that’s the one I was adding my manual round ups to and it was easy to locate by virtue of being the last one