Android Release 0.40.3


Hi all,

Android 0.40.3 is available on the Play Store,

What’s new?
• Add or edit your email on your account and we’ll send you a verification link to confirm your email address.
• You can now Say Thanks when you receive a Settle Up payment from a friend.
• You can now launch partner apps straight from our Marketplace.
• We’ve also fixed some bugs this week across the personal and business account.

Please let us know your feedback as always.



only odd thing I experienced was when I clicked on the link in the app it gave me choices of opening “email” which is default Android OS app, or “Gmail”, but not my default email app " Outlook" (Outlook for Android) - whereas other apps do! I therefore had to toggle to my email app to open the message rather than open it direct from the Starling app.

PS I tried to screen print it but of course screen prints were locked


Same, I use Inbox for personal but it opened my work email on gmail without asking :slight_smile:


Thanks both, we spotted this too (and a crash). Hope to have release for the crash soon.


Hi Sarah,

With this update, is there any reason why the icons in the transaction list are no longer scaled to fit the box?

This seems to be only for transactions that are related to Goals. All shop transactions seem to be as they were, but now my Goals ones are stretched way beyond the parameters of the icon box, where the were once scaled to size and fit nicely.

Edit: Screenshots added.

Transaction list:

Further detail (clicking on transaction list):



I’ve not seen this, so I don’t it’s related but happy to take a look. Do you have a Goal called 1-Direct Debits with that logo. Can you show me how this is scaled/displayed on your Goals screen?




I do indeed, this is it:

It looked fine before, I’d say about 50% of the Goals icons are now this way. They were all fine before, seems bizarre if unrelated!


Thanks, I will flag it to the team.


Hi @jesper,

We’ve just started showing Goals images in the transaction feed. They are displayed with their original proportions maintained and scaled to fill the square. This is because the majority of goals images don’t have a white background like yours and we don’t want to show you white space around photos.

When a logo is added for a shop it is resized to be a square in our system but for goals images you can set the proportions from the app.

I’ve created a new image that you can set for this goal - when you choose it from the app you just need to leave the crop tool as a square and it should look right on your goal and in the feed :slightly_smiling_face:

iOS Release 0.48.0 - International Payments

Hi Harry, that’s great! Thanks fur taking the time to explain and providing an adjusted logo (dimensions noted!)

I could have sworn they were all fine prior to this update, but I now have the info needed to go and adjust the remaining ones… Thanks again!


Hi Sarah

This (cosmetic) bug still remains, so was not among the fixes?
Just checking…



It would be useful to know which bugs have been fixed?


My payee photos still not showing in my transactions list.


Hi, I have seen your questions about which bugs were in this release, I will respond tomorrow morning in more detail to clarify this for you.

@philby I wasn’t expecting a fix for that UI issue in this release, but I’ll make sure it’s flagged to the team tomorrow.


Thanks Sarah!


Still has the error in my business account


Hi Neil, We are aware of this issue on the personal details screen when in your business account, we are working on a few platform updates which will address the network issue.


Is the icon on the left of the transactions list meant to be the customer/supplier logo/photo, OR the category? I have a mix of both on my statement, and it’s pretty confusing. My preference is to have the logo/photo so it’s easy to see who money moved to/from.


We display a logo/ photo of one is available for the merchant or payee but if not we then fall back to the category icon instead. This is why you might see a mix of the two.


I checked all the transactions on my account and there are payees that have images set up, that are not being displayed on the transactions list. I think it’s possible that payee images are failing to be displayed on transactions when the payee has more than one bank account on it. That is the case for all of them in my case. Bug?