Android Release 0.38.1


0.38.1 is available in the Play Store now.

Here’s what else we’ve been up to:

• Picked up the bill? Now split it with Settle Up! Just select the transaction and tap Split to divide the bill.
• You’ll now see a useful screen at the weekend, telling you when international transfers will be available again. This fixes some of this pesky 500 errors you saw over the weekend.
• Having trouble saving your address in app? That bug should be sorted now.
• We’ve also moved the merchant reporting buttons out on to the transaction detail screen so they are more discoverable.

Enjoy splitting your bills Androiders!


Android is getting a lot love, both platforms functionality aligned now (I think) :slight_smile:


Not quite, Android just crept ahead on International transfers but we’re working on that on iOS now so won’t be for too much longer.


Oh yeah, I forgot about that.


Unable to connect, server 503 error. Only balance is now showing, no other information :scream:


Ignore that it’s back now but my internet was fine so that was strange. Never had that before and only updated an hour ago.


Let us know if it happens again Ryan. Please you’re back for now.