Android Release 0.37.1 - International money transfers


Hi all,

We’ve just rolled out release 0.37.1 to a random 40% sample on the Google Play store. What’s new? You’re in for an early testing treat :grinning:

Need to send money abroad? You can now send an international money transfer straight from the app – just jump into the Pay section to explore our available countries and currencies! And as always – we’d love your feedback on this beta release.

We will continue to make enhancements to this feature in the coming weeks, but we wanted to get your feedback on our experience and progress so far.

You’ll find information on our website and you can have a read of our FAQs here which covers the countries and currencies we offer (USD will be coming soon), the availability of the service (02.00 Monday to 22.00 Friday) and other information about how much it will cost to send money abroad.

International money transfers is only available on Android for now. We will roll out to further Android users tomorrow. The ability to send money abroad on iOS will follow in the coming months.



That’s great. Just received the update, I’ll try this in few days.


This is great. Just updated. Cant wait to be able to send money to my parents in Cyprus when needed now! Amazing


Great news…thanks!

Enhanced settle up

Golly gosh, cheaper than transferwise!

International transfer on International Woman’s day too…


I just got this update! Looks good - the charges seem excellent too, midmarket like TransferWise but slightly cheaper even than their borderless account. Very good :smile:


I don’t advise this as a safe method of testing; all it takes is one enterprising crook to upload a modified APK and someone not in the 40% and wanting the feature to go looking for the APK. :frowning:


I don’t need this functionality however I’m wondering why target one platform and not split between two? Also why months before the other platform may get it?


Doesn’t make sense! But does this mean that sepa is working?

Edit: no still not working to receive money using swift

Yes exactly!


Only partially.
You can send SCT (SEPA Credit Transfers) but can’t set up SDD (SEPA Direct Debits) until EUR denominated accounts follow.


I haven’t got this yet but I doubt I’ll use it. The currency I require isn’t available anyway but £5.50 for a ‘fast’ service which is 1 to 3 business days? I can send instant transfers for less than that using other companies.


You can now send an international payment via SEPA (select Local Delivery) if you’ve received the Android update.

While we are live with it, we made a decision not to receive SEPA payments until we have Euro accounts. This is because sending banks are sometimes unable to route SEPA payments to our BIC.

Watch this space!

Receiving international payments

This is a great surprise, nice one @sarah.guha what a day to release this :slight_smile:


Really can’t believe how far we’ve come - and how much is just around the corner. Great work Team :grinning:


That’ll only work if (a) the crook gets a hold of Starling’s signing key, or (b) you uninstall the Starling app before attempting to install the dodgy APK. If you try to update your already-installed Starling app with an APK not signed by Starling, Android won’t let you.

Basically, if you’re installing an APK not from the play store, make sure you have the play store version installed first, then Android will only let you install an updated version if it’s signed with the same key. Or download the APK from a source like which verifies the signature before publishing.


Ah, that’s good to know. :slight_smile: Thanks @podgib.

I regularly use APK Mirror for apps on my Kindle Fire tablet. I know they verify the apps; I was thinking more the fake developer/scammer adding BETA to the end of the app name or something?


Your SEPA Credit Transfers are they the traditional SCT or the new spec SCTinst ?


I’ve created a dedicated discussion topic for International transfers so we can get your UX feedback and understand your experiences using the service.


We have now rolled out this release to all Android users. Have a nice Friday all.


Just got the update, looks really good.

I’m really enjoying how Starling are developing and integrating “proper” banking functionality into the app, but at the same rate as bringing out the “fun” stuff that keeps us all looking for more.

Excellent stuff!