Android Release 0.36.1


Hi all,

An Android update is being rolled out, just a couple of updates today,

• We’ve updated and organised our main and Account Management menu (and added some new icons).
• Fixed a bug which was causing password authentication to sometimes fail unnecessarily.

As always please let us know your feedback.



Screenshot please someone :grin:


Very similar to the iOS menu released last week, other than the fact that Android uses the side menu and the profile photo has not been added to personal details just yet. We hope you like the new icons.


Very nice!


@sarah.guha Feature Flags?

Is this option only availble to Starling employees for testing? Because I don’t see this.

Version number is also bit different mine is


Love the side menu…please, please, please, keep it :wink:


Yes I have access to a few more things than our customers - in order to test things before they are ready to be released. And yes good spot, these were screenshot from a test device with an earlier build version installed.


The menus look a thousand times better. Not having to scroll to see all the options is such an improvement.


Good work starling! Looks nice. Some nice icons like those in our spending categories would look great too! :wink: