Android Release 0.35.1 - Settle Up


Hi all,

We’re excited to announce our first major update of 2018: Settle Up! If someone owes you money, skip the admin and send friends a Settle Up request link instead – it’s simple, speedy and free. Head to Pay and select Settle Up to activate your personal link and start settling up with friends. Why not read more about it in our blog post:

You’ll notice iOS users can split bills in the latest release, this will be coming very soon on Android we promise but this time iOS was ready first.

As always please let us know your feedback. Enjoy!


Ok…I’m trying it now…for some duty free I bought for a parent…let’s see.

First constructive feedback…a list of requests I’ve sent out and what’s been settled with option to delete :slight_smile:


@sarah.guha Sarah

Congratulations to the author of that blog post - excellent scene-setting and feature description.


Thanks for the great new feature it will definitely come in handy especially for things like lottery syndicates. I have one gripe - by default it uses my full name for the link - is there any way i can change the link to use a word of my choice?


Glad you’re as excited as us @Rav.
Right now we are not offering the ability to change usernames.
Good luck with the lottery :+1:t3:


Tried it today. Worked fine. My mother also liked how I just sent her a Facebook link…

Will await update with bill splitting and try it with some flights I need to book


When did the change happen in goals where is changes the button to Save rather than Pay for a future payment? It’s a small but nice change.

Could also make the balance not change to the left if it’s a future payment.