Android Release 0.31.0


Kicking off the new year this release includes:

• You can now submit logo, name and location improvements for your transactions via the app by selecting the ‘three dot’ overflow menu.
• Those having trouble submitting the USA for their foreign tax responsibilities can now do so. You’ll be asked for your tax identification number.
• We’ve fixed an an issue where the app was crashing on the Pay and Add Money section of the app for some users.

As always please let us know your feedback (iOS release to follow later this week).


Submit logos :raised_hands:t2:


I can confirm the crashing when I tap on Pay problem is no more. Hooray!! :hugs:


The system status symbol top right has gone after this update.


I don’t think that’s related to the update as it’s gone on iOS too. I think that because the status is ‘over’ i.e. the maintenance is finished that the icon disappears.


OK. I thought it was always there. And it was highlighted if there were a new update.


That’s right. It will only show when their is an active service message.


Nice one. Diligently added my improvements for the day.


Why?! Maybe it will be better to keep status icon on ? For example if everything working fine - green colour, planned- orange, not working - red…


Liking the new update.
Just submitted my first logo improvement link.


Screen shots anyone :slight_smile:


Screenshots? Pleeeeaaase :upside_down_face:



Nice one


Agreed :grinning:


Roll on the iOS release


It’s approved so it will with you in the morning :grinning:


That’s great :grinning:


Thanks Sarah


Like, like, like!

Roll on tomorrow!