Android Release 0.30.0 - Festive Treats


A new Android release is rolling out to the app stores now with just a few pre-holiday updates :christmas_tree:

• You now have new spending categories available to help organise your spend - including Gifts!
• We’re shaking things up on your home screen with a little festive treat (hint: give it a shake)
• You can now add multiple account details to a single payee and apply different references for each account.


I love the ability to have multiple account details per payee, but it would have been nice to have the ability to merge existing payees. It’s a bit of a pain to have to re-enter bank details for accounts that I previously had in separate payees.

Also, having to re-enter account details on my phone is reminding me why I really want a Starling web interface…

Still, I’ll only have to do it once, and it’ll make my payee screen much cleaner :slight_smile:


Hey @Kris, thanks for the Starling Snow Globe.


For the Android build, credits go to Kai, our resident Android developer :slight_smile:


Oops - wrong thread but same sentiment @Kris - I’m iOS :grinning:


Some good incremental changes there :slight_smile:

Just need the income Catagory now :slight_smile:

I also notice I no longer need to press enter on the password screen. Which is nice. I use default one until fingerprint is done more nicely.

Also a bug in last two updates…(one I actually like)…I can take screen shots any time I want, option is always enabled.


I’ve spotted a couple of bugs. I haven’t received any notifications since the update and the app force closes when I click on ‘Pay’.

EDIT: I’ve reinstalled the app and it’s sorted the force close issue.

EDIT 2: It’s back again. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Hey @seahorsejockey - Sorry to hear about this one! :frowning:

Could you get in touch with our customer service team so we can get more detail on this? Thanks!


I’m doing that right now.


Thanks @seahorsejockey! :slight_smile:


It’s snowing!!!


It sure is😀


Snow globe is cute, and I’m glad the pointless enter key after I’ve entered my pin to access the app is gone.


Just also noticed that when I make a payment…the last reference used now sticks. That’s good.


Any idea when we’ll be able to categorise our standing orders into spending categories? I’m missing out on being able to see my biggest monthly spend which is my mortgage. Insights without taking into account mortgage and other standing orders provides little benefit.


Since the latest update I’m experiencing a lot of crashes within the app, just when navigating between different screens. Pixel 1.


I got a crash report from Samsung actually for Starling saying it had crash 11 times since update.


Ouch! @Kris maybe something for you to investigate. I think your iOS, but I’m sure you can get this looked into :smile:


Me too, especially the payments screen


Thanks all for letting us know. I’ve raised tickets for the Android team to take a look.