Android Release 0.28.1


Is rolling out now…

We’ve fixed a few small bugs in this release including:

  • Direct Debits now show the correct last payment date
  • The app will no longer crash when editing your name on a Pixel device
  • Made an update to how the app uses fingerprint
  • A new upcoming payment screen UI


Will that “second” payee screen replace the initial one? Is that the plan?


How does the app use fingerprint? I’m on Galaxy S8, but don’t see any option anywhere for fingerprint use?


@jesper if you disable the app level passcode from the login & security options, the default security method is the device security (which is typically a fingerprint).

This wasn’t completely obvious when the app asked you if you wanted to create a passcode - this release actually makes some changes to that screen to make it more obvious that you can pick between the device fingerprint or an app level passcode. You aren’t the only one who didn’t realise :slight_smile:


Got it!

Excellent, thanks Sam!


The way you can search payee. Smooth. Need to get than on the home screen for transactions… :ok_hand::ok_hand:


@sam having just found the fingerprint login screen. Thank you by the way. I must say it’s really ugly. And let’s down the rest of the app.


I believe (although I may be mistaken), you are handed over to the phone OS to authenticate, not actually Starling’s app. Therefore, Starling has no input into the screen, and just gets a “Yes, this is correct, let the user in” or “No, something is up”