Android Release 0.26.2


Android 0.26.2 is now being released and will reach you as soon as it’s rolled out.

This weeks release focuses on our continued app enhancements:

  • Direct Debits which are transferred as part of a switch will show as pending or unconfirmed until the merchant confirms them.
  • Select a past reference when making a payment.
  • Locked your card and not realised -you’ll now receive a push notification telling you why your card was declined.
  • Improved personal details input screen and terms acceptance for new customers.


Hurrah! Thanks for reacting to requests for this!


that reference update is quality…just tapping the one you want. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

just wondering, what happens after loads of references are used, for example if i’m sending money to a friend but adding a stupid message, etc.


I do this for practically EVERY payment to friends! :joy: :joy:


I’ve just looked at the payments screen and when selecting to send a one off payment it still reverts the reference to from my name. A lot of my payments go to financial organisations therefore I have to change the reference everytime I make a payment. Is there any way that this can default to the previously used value or allow a default value to be saved? I’ve sent a couple of payments that have gone missing because I’ve forgotten to change the reference


I’ve got this problem too.


Hi Everyone! We’ve been looking at the payments experience a lot recently and so I just wanted to confirm that our engineers are working on making the last used reference the pre-selected option when you make a new payment. There will also be some updates to the edit screen for a payee so you can remove old references you no longer need to use.


Thanks @Harry
On the Payee front, can you remind us (me) about the plan to enable a new Payee to be set up without requiring a payment ie, just set up and save a new Payee?


Hi Graham, creating payees will be a separate process in the iOS app like it is now in the Android app


Thanks Harry. I’m obliged.

(Good work there, by the way :grinning:)


Also fixed is the issue with the Overdraft screen not working I reported a few weeks ago. Well done team!


You’re on a roll @Chalky :grinning: