Android Release 0.25.2 - Goals


UPDATE: I am a moron! (But we already knew that) - Read Further!

Just about to play with the new Savings Goals but I’ve got to start with a downer, sorry.

Why on earth have you removed the functionality to screenshot? Half the time when troubleshooting you ask us for screenshots both on here and via e-mail with CS. We use it all the time in the Merchant Information thread.


Aw couldn’t comment on Android as I’m an apple user, saying that though I’m currently downloading the new Starling update and iOS 11.02 so will get back to see if it happens on the new Apple update :+1:


Apologies, seen it in the app description. You can turn it back on for 15 minutes to submit things to Starling.

This is actually a REALLY good idea! Secure by default but still allowing those screenshots for troubleshooting/showing off cool new features!


@Chalky we haven’t removed it, it is just disabled by default. Unfortunately the Android OS seems to tie the permission to take screenshots with the ability to blank over the app screen when you are in the app switcher. We wanted to hide the app contents in the switcher so it’s off by default but you can enable it at any time from within the ‘login and security’ section. We certainly didn’t want to block the ability - it’s very useful

Ah you’ve found it too! - glad you like it :slightly_smiling_face:


@sam does same apply for iOS 11.02?


Hi @sam! Yes apologies, I found it and you had described the change in the notes on the Play Store, I was clearly too busy rushing to play with Goals, tried to take a screenshot and got the error.

I have updated my post and admitted my moronity! Next time I’ll remember to RTFM!


@scottgale20 no, Apple don’t give developers the ability to block screenshots on iOS. There are approaches you can take, such as snapchat requiring you to press the screen to see the content, but not anything we could sensibly make use of.


Wow, the Savings Goals is really slick. You can tell that a lot of effort has gone into this! Got my holiday added, moved some money over to it all very smooth with some wonderful animations!

My old wish list item for this which isn’t at all important in impairs function, but would love to be able to use Emojis in the name of the Goals!


Thanks for confirming Sam, are you aware that the ios update hasn’t changed at all? Is it the wrong one uploaded? Cannot seem to find any difference with mine? Thanks


So back to the main feature of this update… Goals!

As I’ve said over in the main thread:

This is absolutely amazing! I love this feature and am frantically adding everything and anything I can think of! So far I’ve had no issues and the UX and everything is spot on!

@sarah.guha, @JamesPratley you’ll be very relived to hear, no complaints and nothing but praise! YAY! Pass on my regards to anyone who has helped bring this to life!


Thanks @Chalky we will do!


One tiny little buglet that I’ve noticed, you’re able to set up a monthly recurring ‘contribution’ that you call it (like it) and are able to set an end date, great:

That contribution appears under Payments -> Upcoming, also great! However, when you jump into the actual Payment, even though I’ve set an end date in the Goal, it says the the payment never ends:

I’m sure the functionality of stopping contributing to a goal will work, just this screen needs to be altered to reflect it.


Thanks for letting us know!


Just something I’ve noticed

  • I’ve set up a goal and added some money into it, even though I’ve set a photo for that goal, it shows up on my transaction feed without the photo and instead just a horrible placeholder.

It would definitely make sense to have that same photo to link it to that particular goal?!

See example attached :smile:


Goal photos in the Feed did not make it into the initial release.
But…absolutely, we can’t image it any other way. This task requires platform-wide effort, to make it work seamlesly across devices. It’s already past approval stage, pls give us a bit more time.


I also noticed in the release (before yesterday’s release which is why I’m posting it on this one) that Direct Debit transactions in the feed now show the reference which is really handy for my 2 GoCardless DDs!