Android Release 0.24.3


Android 0.24.3 is now available or will be rolled out shortly.

We have an exciting month ahead, we kick-off with these updates:

  • New customers can now create an account straight away, no wait.
  • New customer will also experience a new personal details input screen with UX updates
  • Your Invite to Starling screen has some visual updates – you can continue to spread the word.
  • Things change, so you can now keep us informed of any foreign tax responsibilities in app.
  • Having trouble knowing if you card is locked or unlocked, we’ve made some changes to make it clearer.

As always please let us know if you have any feedback or spot bugs. Another release planned for next week so keep an eye on your updates.

Card locking/security settings not clear

:heart_eyes: :running_man: straight to the play store to get the update…


I never mentioned it before but I do remember being confused in Spain over the wording in the card security menu. its much clearer now!


Getting the following error when trying to visit the Overdraft screen:

Wanted to see if we also get the Reserved for Goals like iOS has.


Overdraft is loading ok for us, could you contact CS if this persists so we can check your account specifically @Chalky


This should be fun…


Another bug I’ve just noticed: When the CS rep closes the chat (still before I’ve finished speaking by the way) the annoying purple ‘blob’ that forces itself on top of everything won’t go away. I had to Force Quit the app to get rid of it.

Can this be looked at along with an option to turn it off altogether?


Hi @Chalky - thanks for your feedback. The minimised chat window (purple blob) can be moved around your page out of the way of other features, you should be able to tap, hold and move it. You can tap to re open the chat window. Are you seeing this behave differently?

In regards to the chat messaging closing, we have a time out set at 5 minutes, this is set by the software provider we use and at the moment cannot be customised but we are working on an in app alert when the session has timed out to better handle this case.


Hi @sarah.guha, I could move it around just fine. What I’m saying is, after the chat has been closed, the purple blob was staying on screen with the 3 dots. Tapping it would just take me back to the screen with all my previous chats on it and it wouldn’t go away.

I’m pretty sure it used to go away after a chat was closed and you’d read all the messages previously.


Ok thanks, will take a look.


@sarah.guha You missed an awesome fix!

The Upcoming Payments screen now works showing your last transaction instead of Date to be confirmed!

Direct Debits - "Date to be confirmed" when payments have gone out

Sorry yes! Pleased you like it.


Over 25 hours later and I haven’t heard a peep from anyone regarding this issue. It would be nice to know that someone is at least looking at it.

Is it just me or are others having the issue?

Maybe this should be spun out into a separate topic?


Hey @sarah.guha,

I might be mistaken in my interpretation but your note that

Does this mean that the android app no longer has a waitlist? Have you guys opened the proverbial floodgates?

If so congrats, that seems like a bit of a big milestone to me!


Ah, CS basically say you’ve done absolutely nothing about it and clearly isn’t being treated with any kind of priority. Good to know.


Hi Chalky, Thanks for contacting our customer service team about your overdraft issue. We have an engineer looking into this for you and @Robin will update you in app.


Just a quick update because credit where it’s due!

Developers are looking into this and there was a misunderstanding in the wording used which made it look like this might not yet be being looked at. I’m assured that it is and I believe that.

In the meantime I’ve got a workaround and am happy to provide any further help in getting this resolved.


That’s good news, Chalky.


I came out of my Overdraft today (yay) after shifting some money around ready for Saving Goals and noticed that it’s either been fixed, or the issue doesn’t present itself if you’re not in your Overdraft. Updated CS so hopefully this’ll help them pin point the issue if they haven’t done already!


Pleased to hear, thanks for letting us know.