Android Release 0.21.0


Is there a release note - What’s changed?



Just updated thanks.


Sorry for the delay, 0.21.0 was released yesterday.

Release Notes:

New feature:

  • New customers can now upload additional proof of address docs in app, making ID verification easier (and speedier) when we need more information from you to set up your account.

We’ve also fixed some niggly crashes:

  • If you’re app was crashing on the new card screen or customer service, it’s fixed.
  • Spotted a bug when you were waiting for your details to be verified? That’s been sorted too.


Seem to have this update today and yesterday twice to update??


It’s now 0.21.1 - I wonder what the difference is?


I think it would be supper nice to have a full change log page for the apps :smile: would certainly help us feel that things are transparent :wink: and open-ish


Hi, We pushed an additional build today to change the format of how the Android app was sending address to the our platform - no visible change in app for you.


Thanks for confirming though I was going mad and had not updated my app properly on the app store.