Android Release 0.20.4


And to keep it even…

We’re really excited to share a new and reimagined card section giving you even more control over how your Starling card can be used. Update available on Google Play now

  • NEW: You can now turn your Starling card on/off for online purchases, ATM withdrawals, card present transactions, and digital wallets (don’t worry contactless is coming soon!).
  • NEW: You can also see your Starling card number inside the app for improved convenience

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback and if you spot anything :bug:-y


Looking good so far, another good iterative update, really like that the details are available on the card screen, saves me having to hunt for my wallet every time I want to order something/check I’ve got the right card online. The additions of the granular controls is really good too!


Two quick questions:

Can contactless / chip and pin control be separated out?

If user activates ATM control, what would be expected ATM reaction if user forgets and attempts to use card at machine?



Having the card number in the app is great, I often go out without my card and use my phone and might need my card number to buy something or pay for something.

I like the share account details link, I’ve in the past worried about giving someone the wrong account details, that solves that.


I would say when I downloaded the new version the security controls where all switched on for these new features.


Yay! A very small improvement; yet a big deal for me when I want to buy something whilst on my tablet in bed with my card in its wallet downstairs.

Another good reason for me to consider switching. :slight_smile:


I didn’t want to say but that wasn’t clear immediately to me either - whether it was the locks that were on or the functions…


Yes and it will be! The next release hopefully.


Thank you!


So just tried that awesome sharing bank details.


Android users can share account details. iOS coming in the next release I hope.


Superb update. Keep it up Starling.


Thank you! The engineers have been pretty exciting about these releases too - a lot of nice UI touches going in. @gregp well done on the card section :clap:


What I was getting at here is whether the card would be spat back out or swallowed by machine…?

Would like to test the lock but don’t want to risk card disappearing…


I’m iOS. How does that sharing feature work?


Hi Graham

When you tap ‘Share’ under ‘Account Details’, you then tap either UK or International > Share and then you’re prompted to choose an app which will open up a new message within that app as follows:

Here are my bank account details at Starling Bank.
Account Number: xxxxxxxx
Sort Code: xxxxxx

Works in Twitter, AquaMail, Messaging and Onedrive as tested so far!


Ah, right. Thanks (Kim (?), or is that a secret). :sunglasses:


It will simply decline your transaction and return your card.


OK - thanks!
Last qn. Are all locks/unlocks completed real time?


I like the new card screen and controls. However, shouldn’t the wording on card present and online payments be similar to the wording on the atm withdrawals section? For example, ‘Lock contactless and chip and pin payments if you lose or rarely use your physical card’. It makes it a lot clearer in my humble opinion.