Android Release 0.17.1


Have identified two problems with the latest Android update which need fixing please.
Payments while it is now possible to edit payment details the name allocated has been truncated from what I have set. E.g. A payment with the name set as to David Smith HSBC is changed to David HSBC.

Personal details. My address is now wrongly shown as 9, 9 Street Name not 9 Street Name as it should be.


Have also noticed that the way Android and iOS deal with payee names is fundamentally different. This provides cross platform problems. Android unhelpfully shows the payee details as First Name and Last Name whereas iOS shows the “details” as a single string.
The information should be stored as a single string since payments don’t necessarily go to a single named individual and they may be know as something different to their First Name and Last Name. (something I’ve mentioned before).

Forcing Android users to adopt this structure for payee names prevents us from distinguishing between payments to different accounts of the same individual. Please change this so that the Android and iOS versions treat account data in the same way. (it really is OK for the Android and iOS developers to talk to each other!)


Mine shows same too with both the address number twice. Do we know what the update was for as no notes on the play store.


Looking at the address as shown in the iOS App everything is fine. It’s not that the address data has been corrupted but that data from two address fields has been wrongly concanated in the Android app. Hopefully @Megan_Caywood this will be a quick fix?

Similar issues on how the payee name fields are held and displayed affect the payee data but the backend field structure ought to drive this.

Fully agree with @Gallifreyangirl that comprehensive release notes would be helpful please. Thanks.

PS do you have enough Android beta testers?


I think beta is all closed now.


Hi all, The address duplication issue we are aware of and a fix has been made the android code, although data already affected by the bug does need to be updated. It’s on our list.

Thanks for letting us know about the truncation of the address and the differences between Android and iOS. We are working on iOS payments updates currently and so these issues which result from the differences of the two platforms will be resolved. Please continue to let us know issues you see occurring from this as it will continue to help us prioritise the app parity.


Thanks for the feedback!
We are (as a few iOS users have already noticed) in the process of bringing the iOS payments flows up to speed with Android, in the meantime the Android and iOS versions will diverge (don’t worry, the developers do talk to each other!).

As we prepare for features such as international payments there is a need to split payee names into first name and last name rather than a single string. I agree, however, that this isn’t particularly helpful if you have multiple accounts to the same person, so we are also working on a way that we can let you name the individual account as well.


OK thanks @kjersti.larsen . I replied separately to the specific question you raised before reading this. Makes sense but need to allow for payee differentiation as you suggest. Good to hear that iOS is behind for once! :grinning: