Android reinstall app setup problem


My Android phone crashed and it looks like it reinstalled all apps. Some of them were happy, I think their data was stored in the cloud. Some apps like Starling have insisted on re-authentication.

I get as far as I DON’T HAVE MY OLD PHONE and the Get Started Enter your mobile number

When the SMS arrives, after Confirm phone, I am prompted to enter my password but which one is it? I have tried all that I have recorded in Password Safe from the original install but none of them work.

Which password do I use? Can I request a re-set?


Hi John, the Starling account password needed at this stage is generally a letter/number combination, including lower/upper case.

This is not the app passcode or PIN.

If you need help reseting your password, please call the number on your card and our CS team can do this for you.