Android payment system to iOS


When will the iOS app get the android system of payments showing correct logos and dates for direct debits. As well as making payments with choice of payee or business as well as the ability to save the payment reference.


You mean android is ahead of iOS - that’s not fair @sarah.gilbert :smile:


@Gallifreyangirl we’re working on updating the iOS payments at the moment. You will have it on iOS soon!


Thanks good to know


Makes a change eh? Over at Monzo it’s other way around.

But starling are ahead on a few things! :+1:


I’m mean iOS is superior so it’s a surprise :wink:


Yeah about a month ago the iOS version of Starling was ahead of Android, and everyone was complaining at iOS getting features first! Now it’s Android that’s taking the lead and now iOS users are complaining!

Yeah the payments screen looks lovely on Android with its logos and correct information, also like the merchants address in the more information section!


In this case it is - we don’t have favourites! The updates to payments for iOS is in progress though so not too far behind.


Definitely not complaining, just friendly banter :slight_smile:


Just friendly banter, I’m totally cool with whatever OS gets updates first :slight_smile:


Any updates on this front? It doesn’t look like payments on iOS have seen any improvement as of yet and it was announced as ‘soon’ almost a month ago. :disappointed_relieved:


@admdly It’s not moving as fast as we would all like, but I promise it’s being worked on. There are lots of other exciting features (like ✅ Sneak Peek: Starling Goals) in the pipeline to look forward to as well. I’ll make sure to update you when we have something ready to release for iOS.