Android Pay


Is this due out at sometime for android users?


Yes - we are committed to getting you Android Pay. Watch this space!

Starling Bank offers Apple Pay

@sarah.guha any more news on android pay?


Would be good to see android pay roll out to android devices…


Would also be good to see some parity between iOS and Android for once…


Yeah would be handy if this was included, not a fan of how places prioritise one OS over the other…


It is 110% on it’s way. To support digital wallets we work with Mastercard and so our timelines take into consideration their planned release dates as well as our own. I’ll confirm a release as soon as we can.


Just wondered if it may be coming in the next month or so? @sarah.guha


Hi. Just opened account with Starling.
Android Pay is absolutely essential for me, and is the last reason I have to keep my other bank.


I had thought the delay was with MasterCard not working with Android Pay, but appears it does MasterCard. Starling have a good product but for some reason this lack of Android pay is irritating me :disappointed_relieved:


They are working on it right now. These things take time. :slight_smile:


Yes they do but i’m confused as I don’t understand how Apple Pay and Android pay are that much different. Does Android pay have more checks and balances, greater security which takes time to work through. Or knowing google integration is harder? Just an idea please why the difference in timing between apple and Android pay


Hi Lawrence

We’ve learned that Android and iOS are two distinct work streams. Whatever the specifics around the differences, we’re recently assured by @sarah.guha that Android Pay is right up there on the priority list.


Here it is everyone… :robot: :raised_hands:


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Hey, I’ve only just found out that support for android pay is live, and Its been almost a month!

Would it be possible to push notifications to the app when new features are announced such as this?
Or show a pop up after the first time you open the app and a new feature is available?

This is the final feature I wanted from a smart bank, and was considering ditching starling (at least temporarily) because of the lack of this. Improving the features that starling has is obviously amazing, but the publicity of new major updates such as this could defiantly be improved through the app.

Thanks for adding it!


Where have you been hiding :slight_smile: it’s on their website, social channel & play Store app description when it launched. Glad you’ve found it now though.


This is exactly why I don’t have automatic updates turned on for the Google Play Store, I like to see all the cool new features of every app. But for those who don’t turn this off, and it’s on by default, I can see why people would miss out!