Android Pay Refunds


I used Android pay on Monday morning, and the transaction was refunded the same morning, it’s gone from Android pay but not appeared in Starling yet, I know from past experience, that with Barclays Android pay refunds are immediate done the min they are gone from Android pay, just wondering how long do these refunds take with Starling ?


Hi @daedal

I’ve checked this for you and have been told that we make any funds received for a refund immediately available upon being presented the payment.

Though the notification may have hit Android Pay, we can only provide funds that have actually been paid to your Starling account so we can only assume that you have not yet received them.

It can also vary payment to payment rather than having a specific refund timeframe for each transaction, as merchants all have different processes and timeframes for refunds.

However we would be happy to check this for you, can you get in touch via the qpp so that we can look into this further?


The refund didn’t appear, however the original charge went from my account, which is normal for some Android pay transactions. A new transaction appeared which does not appear in my Android pay account, so actually in this case, I have no idea how in practice Starling deal with Android pay refunds.

I did contact support via the app however I got cut off, then a reply a few days later to contact the merchant, I’ve actually escalated this with Google as the merchant wasn’t authorised to charge the new transaction, it was only a small transaction anyway, so I’m not too bothered, and will leave it down to them and the merchant to sort out on my behalf.