Android Pay: map and logo not appearing for a previously known location


Basically I buy my lunch from the same place most days (very boring I know). If I use my physical Starling card there, because it’s previously been mapped, the logo and map come through straight away. Today I used Android Pay, and neither the map or logo have come through. Could this be due to the extra layer of abstraction when using Android Pay? Just wondering if anyone has had similar?


This shouldn’t make a difference and the information should appear as normal. Thanks for flagging this with us, I’ll let the team know!


Can I ask which merchant this was? Feel free to DM me or contact us through customer service about this if you prefer :slight_smile:


It’s Tesco. Please see the 2 transactions below:

When I pay via contactless, the logo and map load in instantly, even while the transaction is “Pending”. With Android Pay, nothing has come through at all.

If I go into Android Pay, it has the correct map against the transaction in there, so it seems like Starling isn’t being able to get the relevant data from Android Pay? Or there’s some form of delay?


I used Android Pay last night at another Tesco I have visited a few times previously. The map and logo came straight through, although the map was wrong (the marker is actually on somebody’s house a few hundred yards away?). So I checked my previous transactions for that Tesco, and the maps were all correct (i.e. marker was on the store itself).

I reported to CS that just the Android Pay transaction for that Tesco had an incorrect map, and even forwarded a Google map link to the store.

I went into the app today to see if the transaction had been updated, and find that ALL transactions for that Tesco have been moved to the random house now? Slightly worrying :worried:

Anyway, it’s been reported to CS, so :crossed_fingers:


Sorry about this, Dave.

Thanks for also flagging this with CS!

I believe that it may be due to the extra layer of abstraction as you mentioned.


Thanks @JamesPratley.

The worrying thing for me is that previously correct maps are now wrong, albeit by a few hundred metres. But because we can’t zoom out / pan the map, or jump to Google Maps, it sometimes makes recognising the location pretty difficult, if, as in this case, it’s now centred on a residential area.

I honestly don’t mind spending the time to provide Starling with correct location info if it improves the app, but when this sort of thing happens, it’s a little disheartening, as I have to go and provide the info all over again.


@JamesPratley i am now having the same issue on IOS, previously mapped and logo’d merchant now has neither.
Any sign of a fix because after five months of use it’s getting a little tiresome.


Sorry about that Neil. A fix is now in progress! :slight_smile: