Android Pay Declined


This is sort of related, however, it involves Android Pay not Apple Pay.

Went to Sainsbury’s today and tried to make my first purchase using my Starling card and Android Pay. Tried twice. Both failures.

Thankfully, I had a back-up to avoid embarrassment.

Do I need to use my physical card first before I can use Android Pay at contactless POS?

Then again, it could be my understanding (or lack of) the security controls prior to the much clearer update.

Just curious whether other users have had similar with Android Pay and Starling.


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Not sure if it applies to Android Pay but I know that most of the time you have to use Chip and PIN on a physical card before Contactless will work.

We know it’s definitely not the case with Apple Pay as you can add the card before it has physically arrived. This is tried and tested because my fiance did this before her card arrived and used it successfully.


I shall just have to try again the old fashioned way and use the chip/pin first, then try again.

Will report back the results, either way.




@Anthony has answered my question via CS.

In order to use Android Pay you’ll need to enable the Wallet

I know for a fact that I had disabled that as I didn’t know what it meant.

Will check Card section


Could rejected attempts be made clearer, indicating the action required so it’s not rejected next time ? Maybe if you tap on brings you to the setting concerned ?


Showing declined transactions along with reasoning is being looked in to by the team :slight_smile:


Whilst they’ve re-worded the descriptions within the app now, there does seem to still be a little confusion over the card security options - and in particular disabling the Wallet and then trying to use ApplePay/Android Pay.

Maybe they should add a pop-up notification whenever someone toggles this setting on to say ‘This will disable Apple Pay (or Android Pay)’ so that people have to acknowledge that that’s what they’ve done?


Well it would appear that the toggle feature may not have been the cause of the failed transaction as it has happened to me again this afternoon, this time at McDonalds.

I have a Samsung S7 with mobile data on, NFC on, and, within the Starling Bank app, Card Present blue, ATM Withdrawals grey, Online Payments blue, Mobile Wallet blue, and finally Location based fraud protection grey.

What settings should I have to allow Android Pay to work, or is it, as previously suggested, just a case of needing to use the physical card first?

Luckily, I had my trusted Monzo CAP card with me to avoid embarrassment in the drive thru.


Hi Paulo,

Can you also confirm that the card was not locked on the “Your Card” screen?


The Padlock symbol is complete with word Lock underneath it which, to me, suggests that the card is currently unlocked. Yes?


That’s right. That would be unlocked. Would you be able to get in touch with our CS team? :slight_smile:


Have done. Chloe was looking into the Android Pay provision then lost chat too


Removed from Android Pay, reinstalled and still failed at POS.

Give up with Starling and Android Pay now.

At least I will be comparing Starling and Monzo like for like now then with card present use.


Did anything come of this at all? I just received my Curve card and Starling is failing through this too. I assume it’s based on the same premise as Android Pay and comes under the “Wallet” security toggle? (Which I have turned on).

The only one I don’t have turned on is “online payments”, does Curve process as an online transaction?

Curve is working with my other cards, so it’s an issue between it and Starling.


Yes - you must enable “online payments” to access your Starling account via Curve.

Here’s how I’ve locked my Starling account; it means I can use Apple Pay in the mobile wallet, or my physical Curve card.


Thanks Rob :ok_hand:


Nice advice. Thanks Rob.


I have those toggles. Still don’t work!


What exactly doesn’t work? Adding your Starling card to your Curve wallet?


Hi @Rob Rob. Having added Starling Bank card to Android Pay, each of four attempted transactions so far have been declined at POS. Just doesn’t like it for some reason. :thinking:

Added to AP wallet okay and the physical card works okay independently.

Chloe at CS has tried really hard :face_with_monocle: to work out the issues :wrench:, however, all systems appear to be “Go” at their end. :ok_hand:

I’ll just pretend the AP feature doesn’t exist and use the card instead. I coped with other accounts like that before :grinning: