Android P Beta


Just making others aware if you are thinking about installing the Android P Beta.

Ok I know this has only just been released but the app doesn’t work. You are presented with the splash screen then the app closes.


Useful to know, thank you for sharing.


No chance! I haven’t even gotten Oreo over a year after release yet. Damn Huawei. :frowning:


This is why I would never use an Android phone, not a chance.


Android One is promising; my device works well and still looks brand new almost a year after I bought it. I don’t see the point in upgrading for the sake of it.

I do have my eye on the new Nokia 6 though; I have enough self control not to buy it yet. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s a beta version, the usual disclaimer applies. Exactly the same thing could happen if you put a beta version of iOS on your phone.


Hi everyone!

Thanks for letting us know :grinning:

Our developers are exploring what may be causing this as we speak.

So far we can only see it impacting Pixel devices, has anyone had the issue on any other device?


I was referring to the lack of android phones supporting the latest releases. Nothing to do with beta or the Starling app crashing :slight_smile:


Here is a full list of devices that can install the P Beta


Ah, OK :slight_smile:

There are a lot of devices from a wide range of manufacturers that are capable of running the beta version of Android P. The only reason the likes of Samsung don’t appear on the list is because they like to install a lot of their own bloat before shipping to customers. They will offer an upgrade to Android P once their customised version is ready.

Even in the Apple world, older Apple devices stop being supported at some point. I think the iPad 2 can’t run above iOS 9.3.5.


My Xiaomi Mi A1 (an Android One device) isn’t on the list :sob:


Can confirm not working on Pixel 2XL


I agree, I’m an Android loyalist and the lack of action in Google’s part to resolve this is annoying.


Just installed P here on a Pixel and the Starling App works here.


Nothing to do with Google it’s your device manufacture that’s letting you down


Bear in mind that Android P is not released yet. The version you can install is a beta. Although most things probably work OK, there could be lots of bugs - that’s the point of the beta test.

I’m a real techie and love being at the forefront but I avoid beta versions of Android (and other software) that I rely on. I wouldn’t use it on my main daily device.


Same here. Pixel 2XL - not working. Should we downgrade back to Oreo or will it be fixed soon?


What? How? Is it a pixel 1?


Yeah, the original pixel…

Loads fine, asks for my fingerprint then loads the rest of the app OK… So I assume it’s a Pixel 2 issue…


I’ve got the pixel 2 XL so looks that why