Android notifications at night


Just had a notification in early hours of morning regarding my current account switch. Would be nice if these messages could be delayed until normal waking hours


Not very helpful if you are in another timezone.

Muting notification sounds while sleeping are a function of Android/iOS Do Not Disturb settings.


I’ve done this now, but never been an issue with other banks. Wouldn’t be so bad if it was an actionable message (like you’ve no money for standing order)


I personally like that notifications come through as soon as the operation occurred instead of waiting. If that’s a problem I can always use my phone’s do not disturb mode as @Jon mentioned.

@mwarby the reason you don’t have this issue with other banks is that their prehistoric tech stack takes a good day or two to process anything, so you won’t get notifications until their batch process ends which usually happens during the day. Starling on the other hand processes operations as soon as they happen so they can send out notifications right away.


I’m no lover of other banks, I’m not switching cos I hate starling and love my legacy bank :slight_smile:

But it’s not out of the realm of possibilities that alert texts are sent in waking hours intentionally. I can see my wage go in during early hours, but get the balance alert at 8/9am


Getting a notification in the small hours is something to behold. The idea of anyone telling me anything outside banking hours at my old Bank would be laughable.

Good on yer, Starling.


That’s right we send you the message when the action is processed (in this case overnight). Definitely not intended to wake you up though so I think the suggestion above of using Do Not Disturb is a good one. :sleeping: