Android Issue - Not Sure What To Do


yesterday having seen the announcements about the new cards my girlfriend signed up for Starling

She has been through the verification process and been confirmed but she is stuck at this point (see screenshot)

If she click on the “lets go” at the top it takes her to the verification stage again and if she clicks on the “lets go” at the bottom the screen flickers and stays where it is.

As she can’t get into the app far enough for support does anyone at @StarlingSupport have any suggestions on how to proceed.


Might be worth jumping on the live chat via the website or emailing try an uninstall and reinstall.


Thanks @Joe_Merriman you beat me to it. I have also marked this for the attention of staff.


You beat me to that part also. Thanks @MIROW


I kind of suspected we might need to get on phone and/or chat.

I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t something someone here has seen and had resolved.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:


Try uninstalling and reinstalling.


that worked

I will hang my head in shame, I do tech support for a living so I really should have tried that


I had seen the issue before, I thought it might :slight_smile: