Android/iOS Update Problem


I’ve just opened the Starling app on Android and been presented with a message saying the app is outdated and to get the new one from the Play Store. The Play Store is saying I’ve got the latest version so I’m a bit stuck!


Have you picked this up with Customer Support?


The message has locked me out of the app so I can’t use any of the usual methods. I’ve found an email address on the website which I’m just emailing.


Same problem on iOS this morning.


Found ‘Chat’ on the website so giving that a go instead.


Apparently it’s a known issue and should be resolved “ASAP/today”.


Hi, We are aware of this issue affecting iOS and Android and we are looking into it now as a priority. Further updates to follow.


Same here on iOS


Same here on Android…


Same here on iOS



We’re sorry that you’re experiencing issues opening your apps this morning. We’ve hit a snag in the sequencing of changes to our servers and mobile apps which has resulted in you being asked to update your app when an update isn’t yet available. We’re busy working on a fix and the likely outcome at this stage is that you will need to update your iOS /Android app. Your current account is working as normal - debit cards, direct debits, standing orders, scheduled payments and notifications are all unaffected, just your app can’t be opened. We will provide further updates as we have them this morning. If you urgently need help, please contact customer support via web chat or email Again, we apologise for the inconvenience.


Are Apple and Google going to have to review the updated apps before they will be available for download? If so what impact will that be on resolution timescales?


Good news for Android users: A new release is available in Google Play. Installing this update will allow you back into the app. Google normally stagger roll outs across the user base so if you cannot see it right now it will appear soon.


any ideas on timescale on the apple app? Plus you say android fixed with app but no SMS or email update on this although I signed up to incident updates.


We’re busy working on the fix right now, but do not have a timescale yet.

Sorry to hear you did not receive an update via SMS/Email. The latest information can be found online here.


Android is working for me again now. I also am signed up to SMS updates but I haven’t received any of the updates I can see in the status page.


We use Status Page for our update during an outage like this. If you subscribe to email updates you receive any update to the status, if you subscribe to SMS updates the service only supports updates when an issue is opened or resolved. As we have not yet resolved the issue for iOS you won’t have received an SMS update yet. We have just sent our own update out via SMS to our iOS users, and we will continue to update you here and at


I’ve not received the sms update for IOS and I am on ios.


Ive had both an SMS sent to my IOS Device, and the sms and email alerts so all seems to be working for me