Android & iOS Feature Parity


I’ve only had experience using the Starling app on Android so I was wondering how similar the 2 apps are?

For example, I’ve seen screenshots of the iOS app with merchant icons and maps in the background - yet I have neither on my Android app.

What differences have people spotted between the apps; and more importantly, what is Starling doing to remove these differences? :thinking:

Differences between Andoird and IOS

You mean maps and merchants logo like So? :+1:

I’ve seen the layout is different between the two, and you can do an account swap on iOS afaik. Unless anyone can point out anything obvious I’ve missed


Hmm…I wonder if there’s a reason I’m not getting maps on my transactions.

So far, I’ve only used my card at my local corner shop so that excuses the lack of a logo, but it would be interesting to see if there’s something missing in my merchant data that’s stopping this.


I can’t help but want a button to suggest logos/photos for the transactions where this information is missing :pray:


They seem to be filling in details for new places as they’re found. My local Morrison’s had no icon/map for a few days and now it does. The Tesco had an icon straight away but currently has no map. Wouldn’t be surprised if that changes by the time it clears.


Same here, a lot of my transactions have no map, or some have maps that are way out… a purchase at boots in Sheffield showed up as Oxford…


My local (costcutter) didn’t have a Map and had wrong merchants logo. After contacting in app support they fixed logo and now a Map has appeared.


A lot of these reports seem to indicate that maps are added manually as well as logos.

I’m surprised there isn’t an automatic way to do this using Google Places or the location information from the merchant data.


I believe the merchant logos are pulled from twitter. Not sure about the maps? You’d think they’d have a way of when you spend it’ll grab location of mobile via GPS or something along them lines.


Hello. I’m an iOS developer and just discovered your bank but when I just downloaded on my everyday iPhone 6s, your app keeps crashing so I can’t even become your customer???

Not sure if this is a known issue or not but please fix this. My other apps are working fine.



I’m hoping an option to delete payees is added to the Android version soon, like in iOS . I find it slightly bugs me that I have a few old payees that I’ll probably never need to pay again hanging around.


I provided feedback that 2 transactions are showing the wrong Co-op logo but so far these have not been corrected


I’ve also mentioned to them about PayPal logo… seems missing and shows just a simple " P "

Keep chasing them up, it works :tada:


Are you using iOS11 by any chance? This is currently not supported.


Hi all.

Regarding the initial question, we always try to develop features in parallel on iOS and Android - it’s the best outcome for customers. The only major exception to this at the moment is the Current Account Switch Service, which is only available on iOS at the moment, but is in development on Android.

There are a few other areas, like deleting a payee, we are catching up on but should be reaching parity soon. We started Android development a lot later than iOS, but the team have done a great job catching up. The latest new feature, Spending Insights, was done in parallel in iOS and Android and we hope to do that for the majority of new features going forwards.

Also, we’re currently improving our transaction cleaning system and we’ll be increasing our coverage of maps quite significantly over the next few weeks. That probably does mean we need the ability for you to tell us if a map or logo are wrong in the app, so we’ll do that too.

@MIROW - feel free to DM me with which Co-op logos are wrong and I’ll ask the team to have a look.


@ben.chisell can you look at PayPal logo too. I’m still getting a P rather than logo


It’s just around the corner!


thanks. will do.


The main difference that I’ve noticed is that I can’t do current account Switch on Android. I don’t have time to do it manually so am not using the bank fully yet.

Does anyone know when Switch will be available on Android?

Edit; ignore me just seen the update a few comments above mine


@thom_horne try updating to latest Android version (just been released) you can now delete payees :tada::tada: