Android fingerprint login


Hi I was wondering will there be Android fingerprint support like in IOS. I find it annoying to use a passcode in my android app to login.

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Hello! The Android app does have fingerprint login already. If you’re having trouble activating it please reach out to our support team who are always happy to help. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks, I didn’t realised, it would have been good to have a description instead of just asking to authenticate. Maybe an icon or something.


Thanks for the feedback Jerome! :slight_smile:


The fingerprint is great (uses my lock screen stuff) however once you’ve logged in you don’t need to use fingerprint again unless you end the app process

Running Samsung s7


Am I being really silly? I’m not seeing an option to enable it.


Hi in the Login and Security in the Account Management menu you turn off Application Passcode, and fingerprint login should work if you use it for your device lock screen.

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Ahh, excellent. Thanks. Perhaps not the most intuitive of features. :slight_smile:


I even thought android didn’t have the fingerprint logging until now🤨


Have to agree that its not the best User Experience, but at least its there…


I’m glad I stumbled across this thread. Wouldn’t have found the fingerprint bit otherwise. So much easier now! :wink:


I had assumed no pin meant no security rather than a fall back to the lock screen security so never unticked it!


Duh just worked out how to use it. But I was looking to enter my password rather than fingerprint to log in as there is no clear message. Thanks for the info.


I didn’t know this either and have wanted fingerprint login since joining. I find this not at all obvious a feature at all.


Sorry for coming in like this, but can someone tell me how to create a new post ? Can’t see it anywhere apart from replying to something…ta




The current implementation of fingerprint login on Android doesn’t seamlessly integrate with the app versus say the O2 app.

Additionally, it just uses your lock screen security which means if that is compromised then your Starling app can be compromised, whereas other apps use your fingerprint or the authentication in the app itself instead of your lock screen.

Galaxy S8 fingerprint support

D’oh - I didn’t think this solution worked, but then noted that my Galaxy S8+ will take a fingerprint even though it asks for the PIN! :wink:


I think its a bit confusing, I’ve had to come here to look for information on Fingerprint login. Turning something off to be able to use a Fingerprint isn’t what most people would expect.

In fact when I turned it off then relaunched the app it again asked for a pin code, my fingerprint did work, but unless you now a fingerprint works on your home screen lock you wouldn’t know that you could use your fingerprint.

There must be a more simple solution, in fact all my other banking apps make Fingerprint login simple to use.


Along the same lines as @GeorgeBroadley’s post, the Tresorit app has a nice implementation of a fingerprint/PIN/password authentication mechanism. I would share screenshots, but the Tresorit app disables that functionality. It’s very untrusting! :wink: