Android card security controls - hide card details


Could we have an option in ‘your card’ to hide inside the full card details ?


We thought having your card details available would be more convenient, especially for when you pay online and you don’t need to dig out your physical card.

I’m curious to understand more about why, and if others share similar feelings…


Just seems a bit too easy to shoulder surf, oh show by accident if showing app to someone else. Also from a security pov you need your password to create a payee, or see pin, but not to see all the details you’d need to spend full balance online.

I’m not suggesting always hide behind password, just a toggle(alongside block ATM etc), maybe UI wise it make sense to mask when locked ?


Re convenience for online, ability to copy to clipboard would be good, split screen support would also help


I like having the card details where they are currently and don’t really see any harm in them being in app if it’s protected by PIN or fingerprint.


Not sure if your iOS or android but on the android app you can copy it to clipboard if you hold down for a view seconds, even though you have to go to account settings rather than being able to do it on the card screen… You can also share with a contact etc! :grin:


I am happy with where the card details are and find it very useful.


I also like how the card details are now displayed. Good move!


I see the account number and sort code, not the matercard number


Seems like many like I’m in the minority, I can certainly see the upside in displaying the details. I guess making the display optional for such a small minority isn’t best use of dev time at the moment


I definitely think that hiding the CVV code is necessary. To get to that should require the password. Otherwise, as you say, someone with access to the app has full access to spending large amounts of money.


In all fairness, the details are already behind a PIN/fingerprint (two if you also have device security). I don’t think further hiding it behind a password would be of any benefit.


Why do you need a password to make a payment within the app, then?


I have no idea why they have this right now, but Starling have said the password requirement is being reconsidered and will be reworked in time.


Would be nice to have the option to ‘hide’ the card number and then tap it to show the full number. As mentioned by others, shoulder surfing could be an issue espically as everything needed for online payments is on the single page


I like everything being simple. You have to actually access the app to view the card and code so that is safer than actually manually getting your card out.

There is no security on your card in your pocket or wallet, but is in the app, so I can’t see why it would need to be hidden in the app, after all you have had to log in to view it in the first place.

The whole its not secure argument really doesn’t make sense. If they can get into your phone and beat its security, then log into the app and beat security, they are going to be able to access anything anyway.


Jeez First Direct insist on hiding my account number in the app like this: ****1234 and the credit card number is the same. After I’ve been though their layers of security, they seem to be satisfied they’re dealing with me and only me, so why do they want to hide my own account details from me. Extraordinary, and inconvenient too.