Android: Bottom navigation bar


I couldn’t see a suggestion for this already (apologies if there is one), so I thought it’s worth bringing up.

I find having a bottom navigation bar for core screens to be quite a plus as far as usability is concerned.

The YouTube app is a good example, and the Twitch app has recently adopted this approach too. I think with the increase in popularity of phablets, using a traditional top-left burger menu quite often requires 2 hands, which isn’t always ideal.


@simon @Harry Thoughts?


I completely agree. Spotify moved away from burger style menu a while ago also.


I totally agree as well, I personally hate the burger style menus…

Personally I think bottom menu is the way forward for now, and I believe it’s now in the android guidelines !


I totally agree, the bottom nav bar is far more useful than the burger style menus, easier to use and visual.


Personally I hate the bottom bar in Android apps and prefer the hamburger icon to access the menü


Yes please @simon @Harry , I would also like the bottom navigation bar too! I recently switched from iOS to Android and don’t like the hamburger menu - they are awkward to use on a large phone :slight_smile:


I am on android too and would prefer bottom navigation bar.


I quite like the approach Microsoft Outlook takes, where the bottom bar can be used to navigate the core areas quickly, and the traditional side menu houses more granular features for that particular area.

So I can easily check my inbox and calendar from the bottom navigation bar. It’s only if I need to go and look in a different email folder, for example, that I need to bring up the side menu.


Would love to see this! It’s so frustrating having to stretch up to select the hamburger. Monzo have the iOS style menu in Android already, and it makes the user experience so easy.


Personally I hold my phone in the middle not the bottom so it is more comfortable just tapping on the hamburger menu as your thumb is pointing naturally upwards. Trying to bend my thumb down towards the very bottom of the screen is uncomfortable as I don’t have good dexterity, something people with arthritis and rheumatism may understand. So I detest the new menu bar in Monzo and see myself using Starling more if they retain the hamburger menu.

To get the hamburger menu on Android you don’t even have to tap on the hamburger logo (it is just there to let you know there is a menu concealed) you can just swipe the screen from the left to reveal the menu.


You can just swipe from the left to access the menu, you don’t have to actually press the menu button.

I’m happy with it as it is.


I guess it is a matter of preference. :slight_smile:


I DID NOT KNOW THIS!!! :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:

THAT’S AMAZING!! :joy: :joy: :joy:

I have the S8 plus and reaching up the the hamburger is a stretch.

My mind is now blown and all future Starling app use is changed FOREVER!! :grinning::grinning:



Of course I still have to reach up for the actually selections… But hey, it’s the little things. :joy:

Just to join in with my opinion, I’d favour both options.

I like the menu for account management, setting up payees, getting statements, contacting CS, etc… But I would like quick options at the bottom for Home, Spending, Goals and making quick Payments. I think those four options would cover most of what most people would want quick access to.

Everything else I think should stay in the menus.

But that’s just my opinion… As ever.