Android back button bug on Manage Accounts screen


Hey Andriod developers

Back button doesn’t work when I am in Device Management ( :hamburger: > Account Management > Login and Security > Manage Devices

Hope this makes sense.

(Might be a good to have regular thread to report app bugs; Apologies if this already exists please feel free to move this post there)


That’s odd - back button goes all the way from Manage Devices here on Nougat…


Same issue for me. I have to use the arrow top-left to back out of the “Manage Devices” screen. The back button works again once I am back on the “Login and Security” screen.


Whoops! Thought @Ali_Sufyan meant the arrow.
My install has problem too as per @dave’s post.


Sorry, should have said capacitor/hardware back button to be clear.


Thanks for flagging this - I’ll let the team know!


Would you mind creating official threads for App issues / Bugs?