Android app takes long to start


Hi, the Android app takes quite some time to get past the slash screen - it looks like it is doing quite a bit of network transfer before the user is even allowed to enter the PIN/device lock screen. And given the network coverage is pretty crap in the UK in general it takes good few seconds.

Could be a UX improvement to open the app instantaneously and then update whatever needs to be in the background.



Takes literally 2 seconds (max) on mine. Compare this to around 10-12 seconds that Santander takes and I think the Starling one is pretty efficient. For me anyway, it might depend on your phone/signal.


Yep I’ve noticed that, its even slower than Barclays and that often annoys me waiting for that to load.


I have a slow opening time too. When my network is slow, on the rare occasion my phone also asks to close the application as it thinks it’s crashed or hung.


Hmm thanks for letting us know. Perhaps you can give more details about your device, OS version and connectivity and I’ll have the team take a look?


For me it is LG G4, Android 6.0, connectivity - 4g or wifi, the app is pretty slow on both.
Thanks for taking it forward.


Thanks - I have chatted to the team. At the moment our app needs to make several network calls before we can launch the home screen - this is required for us to perform security checks. We are measuring it in production and the median value is 3.2 seconds. Much of the time is due to the security checks we run which we wouldn’t want to compromise on.

We have already optimised the experience and will continue to do this, one opportunity is to reduce our many calls from the app to one, and allow our platform to handle the calls to other endpoints but this might be a non-trivial change. In the meantime I will pass your device info on, but if you experience anything wildly beyond say 5 seconds please let me know.


Just measured it on 4g in the centre of Glasgow.
From tapping the icon to seeing the unlock pattern it took 8.7 sec.
I understand that the culprit is most likely the rubbish Three 4g, but would be nice if the app could try to minimise the impact of it.


Hi @Dmitry_Trofimov,

Mine take 2.9 seconds, including fingerprint unlocking. It takes the same time to launch the app offline, or on slow 3G. I have absolutely nothing to say on the Starling App’s startup speed. After @sarah.guha’s comment, I am sure that your 8.7 seconds are device specific. I am personally running a Google Pixel XL with android Oreo (8.0.0) and installed Starling on android nougat (7.1.1) at the time. No difference.

Hope this helps.




Mine is running Android 7.0 it’s slow on both wifi or 4g.

It’s definitely not a device issue, as all my other banking apps run faster than Starling, including Llloyds, Barclays, Yorkshire Bank and Paypal.


It seems to happen on iPhone as well - I’m not sure what it’s doing during that time but even on an iPhone 7 where I expect pretty much everything to be instant, Starling can take one or two seconds before I’m allowed to interact with the app.


Surely you could present the unlock screen instead of the splash screen and then the user’s time to enter the code is concurrent with the security requests being carried out.