Android App - Failed to connect to server, please retry


I am trying to setup my account and it required additional validation of proof of address.

I ordered a bank statement from my current bank and using the app I took a photo, when I tap to confirm the photo it stays at 0% uploading and then gives this error message.

“Failed to connect to server, please retry”

I have checked that my phone does have live internet on the Youtube App.

I’m not sure why this is happening, or if anyone else is experiencing this issue, but any help would be much appreciated!

Thank you


You can email the documents direct to Starling, obviously with a covering not with your details. or click on live chat on the Starling homepage and someone can help you.

I’ve not come across your issue personally so apart from email it to Starling not much I can suggest.


@StarlingSupport can you help @Chilly with the documentation upload sever issue.


HI @Chilly,

Happy to help get this one sorted for you. Our CS team will get in touch to guide you through.


I recieved your message but didn’t get a response after my reply.
I tested the issue again and it’s still there.

There was about a week’s delay for receiving my Statement, could it be that the setup for my account has ‘timed out’ in some way?

Just a possible detail that might be useful to you.


@StarlingSupport I’m still experiencing the issue and am completely unable to get to the point of having my account verified so support can be provided in-app.
I haven’t recieved any feedback on how to resolve it and would love to get up and running with you guys.

I have a question that I couldn’t find a definitive answer for also, does Starling offer an option to create or recieve SEPA payments currently?


Did you not get the email I sent yesterday? I took over the issue from @Oliver_Wright

If not, I’ll resend it now :slightly_smiling_face:


@StarlingSupport @LoganAllan

I must have missed the email :hushed:

Thanks for the call today, everything isI now sorted and I’m awaiting standard verification of my Statement.

Assuming everything goes fine with my statement provided I can’t wait to join you guys :+1:

Thank youalso for the information on SEPA payments, you were very helpful and will have no doubt saved me a lot of future hassle!


I’m having the same problem


Hey @Tony_Ward

You aren’t able to upload documents as well?