Android App: Consistency & Updates



As a Mobile based company, I feel it is essential to keep your app updated to the latest and greatest and keep it consistent with all platforms wherever possible.

That being said, here are a few suggestions:

  • Bottom Navigation - As our phones screens are getting bigger and bigger, the introduction of bottom navigation has largely been adopted by many apps on Android, it will make switching pages much more easily and effectively and speaking of consistency will match your iOS based app.

  • Oreo Support - It would be great if you could update the app to ‘Target’ Oreo API 27, which is the latest api and keep it up to date forth-going. API 27, introduces many features such as, Notification Channels, Memory optimizations, Autofill, Fingerprint improvements, Adaptive icons and many other security, fixes and improvements. Starling Bank on Android is currently targeting Nougat api, which is near 2 years old and with Android P around the corner, you sure wont want to left behind

One thing I like about Monzo, is that their app is kept up to date with the latest apis and features, and feel Starling should be no exception.

Many thanks


No, no, no! Keep the hamburger menu. It is much easier to use. I have already stopped using another banking app when they ditched their hamburger menu for the dreadful bottom bar menu (which eats up too much screen space). I now use Starling as my main account mainly because of their hamburger menu. Keep the apps different! We don’t want Android apps made a clone of iOS ones!


Agreed. I’d love the bottom navigation menu. On my device slide in from left or right mimics the back button (which didn’t exist) so that shortcut doesn’t work to access the hamburger menu. With an almost 6"screen it’s getting increasingly frustrating that mobile apps still put all the options at the point on the screen furthest away from where you naturally hold it.

It’s especially difficult as age progresses as eyesight requires a bigger screen, but arthritis prevents fingers spanning that far :slight_smile:

I understand it’s not everyone’s cup of tea though, so maybe allow users to hide bottom navigation if they so desire.


This whole discussion has been had already elsewhere in this community. I’m sure it can be linked and connected.

I seem to remember stating my personal preference before, which would be a combination of the two. I would like to see simple, small, quick options at the bottom for “Home”, “Pay”, “Goals” and maybe one other thing that I can’t remember right now because I’m tired… And then all other things behind the hamburger, like account settings, help and other stuff like that.

Although @MIROW did blow my mind by pointing out that you can just drag from the left of the screen and not actually have to reach up to the button.

I’d still like a select few quick navigation options at the bottom though. Nothing too big though. Just a thin line so it still looks clear and clean within the app.

But you can’t please everyone… So maybe just please me? :grimacing::grimacing::joy:


Yes and no. On my phone a swipe from left or right mimics the back button, which therefore doesn’t open the hamburger menu.

I like the idea of most used items at the bottom though, as even if I could use said shortcut to open the burger, the most used options are still at the top left of the screen.


Maybe with options in the settings where you have a list of possible menu items and you can add a certain number of your chosen ones


Thanks all. We don’t have any immediate plans to change the navigation but I’m going to add @Harry our Android UX designer. It’s so subjective!