Android 0.48.1 - New card Screen



Hi all,

We’ve released build 0.48.1 to the Play Store.

In this release you might notice that your Card area looks a little different, we’ve added support for our redesigned portrait cards. We’ve also added a new Card Limits screen to give you even more control.

Card Limits on Android
Sneak Peek: New Card Screen

I may have been a bit to keen, but just checked and its still 0.47 :frowning: will try again later


Likewise, am waiting for the Play Store to update listings so I can grab the new version. :slight_smile:


@kris is it fully released to the Play Store or is it rolling out in batches? I’ve seen it available immediately in the past but other times it can take a while.


It’s there now - I’m just updating


@Stuart yeah, it’s literally just showed up for me.

In the " What’s New" box, it has something about turning a corner soon and can’t wait to tell you about it - this seems out of date now. Perhaps this update was originally intended sooner, before the card design announcement?


Well the ugly green button is still there, for Android but not on iOS still.

But I’ve noticed on the Card Screen it says add to Google Pay, despite it already being added to Google Pay, it used to go once you have added it to Google Pay so that is going either be confusing, or cause people to complaining about the business card being added but being teal in Google Pay.

Edit : It’s now changed to added to Google Pay, so looks like just a delay updating.


Hi, I updated my app. How come the card is still purple. I thought that it was meant to show the new card colour?

(My physical debit card is the purple one)


The card shown in the app will match the physical card.


So when we get our new cards (hopefully soon), then the new card will show?


yes, teal or navy blue :credit_card:


Cool thanks :grin:


The option to add location based fraud protection ? does this mean if your card i’snt near your phone then it wont work ?


Some feedback…

Card Screen

  • Why is my existing purple debit card shown in portrait mode? It doesn’t look right.
  • I never realised I was only allowed to make 50 card transactions in a day. Granted, this would usually be more than enough but I just wasn’t aware of the limit.
  • “I’m going abroad” - this option makes it look like I need to inform Starling that I’ll be using my card abroad, yet tapping it takes you to a screen that states you don’t need to inform them. Completely redundant!
  • Capitalisation - for some reason, the menu items have different case, i.e. “Card & Payment Limits” (title case) and “Control this card” (sentence case).
  • My joint account card is listed as “Daniel & Jessica’s Card” - this is misleading as my wife’s card is different, so this is purely my card.


  • Looks like this bug has been reintroduced. A main menu item that leads to Goals and Loans. It only seems to appear intermittently. The loans help screen states that the APR is “as little as 11%”, which is a lot higher than I expected. Scrolling to the second information page shows a title of “Overdraft stuff”. I don’t want to sound overly critical but I seriously can’t understand how this stuff gets into the live app. I said the same thing last time it happened. It’s extremely worrying that code clearly not intended for production use is making it’s way into live. If the loans stuff is being put live by accident, what else is being made live unintentionally? I would have thought that version control, QA, testing, etc. would be bulletproof given we’re dealing with a banking app!

Note: you can reproduce this by tapping on your profile picture then tapping on it again.

Account Management > Account Information > Interest

  • Overdraft interest is still quoted as AER rather than EAR - a minor point but something I pointed out some time ago and a very quick fix.


A few bugs…

When you open the app on your home screen, you see goals and spaces. Goals are in Spaces so is there the need for the two?

When you going into something like pay, then click the menu, Spaces is gone.

The card screen one minute it says Add to G Pay, the next time it says already added to Google Pay


See above @daedal, the “Spaces” thing has been an issue before. As well as Goals, it also contains a Loans tab. A serious problem IMHO.


Report a card problem, makes no sense, you are actually reporting the card lost or stolen, not a problem with the card. It’s actually confusing.


Setting up a Schedule payment to goal with first payment today, it doesn’t transfer anything to the goal, and when you go to upcoming payments nothing is shown for the new goal, you then go back to the goal and it asked you to set up the regular payment again.


What if a card is not lost or stolen but has a fault like magstrip not working or chip scratched or only working intermittently, you need to report other card problems than just lost or stolen.


It is still confusing, which is what I said, so you go to report a problem as its clear, but its not clear you report lost or stolen ? People are more likely to want to report a lost or stolen card than anything else, so that should be clear.