Android 0.22.1 Ideas & Feedback


Stealing @Joe_Merriman’s ios idea for Andriod :wink:

Please share your thoughts/bugs/Suggestions for Starling team to improve the next release.


I appreciate there are already suggestion threads for most of these features, but I’ll use this as a chance to jot down my current wish list in one place :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Ability to search transactions
  • Ability to add custom notes to transactions (also searchable)
  • Ability to add pictures (receipts) to transactions
  • Bottom navigation bar
  • Ability to optionally remember debit card information used for top-up (also have the ability to forget previously entered debit card)
  • Caching of logos and maps to improve overall UX

Hopefully I can keep posting this list, but with strikeouts through more and more of them each release :wink:


I’d rather see an acknowledgement that the items are (or are not) on the road map.


You are right @Graham It’s very important to keep us in some know. Not much feedback from Starling in the forum all I see is ‘… will forward to the team’


You are quite right.

A Trello page for app features might be a good idea. They have one for the API.


Definitely, Trello would be ideal to show some sort of road map


That’s one thing I really like about Monzo’s more open approach. You can see their road map clearly on Trello.


The lack of Android updates kinda of sucks on both if you ask me, but at least I can get a full account on Starling :slight_smile:

That pulse needs something done to it, although maybe I don’t have enough data yet for it to be useful.

Bottom tabs yes please.

In the main menu there are two references to account switching. I just don’t think it needs to be as prominent for customers after a while, why can’t it be in account management hidden away like the over draft bit.

Maybe a link to the forum in the app, even if its hidden away in Help or About.


Just a few little points and features that I’d like to see in the coming months:

  1. I would love to be able to search transactions, I’m actually pretty surprised that this was never considered and built as a core functionality when the app was designed?

  2. I’d love to see more customisability with the Pulse; ideally I’d have it show my categories for the month as percentages and not for where I had spent each day.

  3. A general speedboost in the app opening times and a small cache for images, maps and addresses would also be most welcome.

  4. A proper fingerprint login option at opening is A MUST, as the amount of times I have seen people ask for the feature not knowing it’s already there is really high. Also on my phone on the login screen the option to use fingerprint is not stated on screen anywhere and only asks for the phone’s backup PIN.

  5. Outside of the app; a place for Starling staff to post ideas that are confirmed to be upcoming or even considered would be ideal and may stop a lot of repetitive posts asking if feature x or feature y has been suggested or stated to be being implemented yet.


I saw a whole thread with hundreds of replies for this and that was created a few months ago. Must say not impressed as you said this should have been there from day one.


Agreed. Search is paramount.


I disagree about log in screen. Get rid. Or give us option to turqit off. I want to view my transactions instantly…such as android pay, monzo, etc.


I don’t think you can just get rid, but agree it should be optional (opt out).


It’ll only be any use if Starling actually stick to it. Something Monzo never really did especially on the Android side of things.


Its true. Android bits keep/kept being g kicked into the long grass and when we ask they say “soon!” Excitedly. :smiley:


Can I also suggest to have community link with-in app (I guess this applies to iOS as well if it’s not there). Again is a pretty basic to have support forum/community link inside an app for quick access.


I agree. This got raised about a month ago on here. Hopefully it’s being thought about :crossed_fingers: