Android 0.18.5 Update


Just thought I’d give my initial feedback on the 0.18.5 update.

Obviously the Invite function is great, can’t wait to get some other people on-board!

Something that isn’t bragged about in the Play Store update information is that now in the Spending tab, places that don’t yet have an icon now at least have the Category icon instead of just a letter. Also the payment image/icon used in the Payees screen now appears alongside those payments, again replacing the letter.

Re-using payment references, again great and shows that feedback really is being taken on board!

The only thing I haven’t worked out is the “NEW: Spending set up screen, where you can set your income and its categories”, not sure where that is or how it works yet.

Overall a solid update :slightly_smiling_face:

Latest app release - feedback

I read elsewhere this was just for new customers. Still don’t really know what it is though.



Ah thanks @Kumnaa, I didn’t noticed that earlier!