Amending a scheduled payment


Amending a future dated payment to be sent today instead. “Payment successfully saved” but the payment disappears and is not saved or sent.


Yep. I had that issue in the past and raised it with Customer Services.


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Can @Ben10’s problem be picked up please?


@Ben10 Can you get in touch with the team via in-app message or chat so we can help out?


Last time it happened to me they explained why but don’t seem to have acted on solving the issue (despite me also raising it on Slack)

Here is a copy of my Slack posting:


"Issue with amending a scheduled payment.

Say you set up a payment with a future date.

You may wish to change that date before it is sent.

If you move the date later in the year from say 1st Aug to 15th Aug no problem.

If you move the date earlier in the year there are two scenarios.

Firstly you may do it a couple of weeks before and have no problem.

Secondly if you do it on the day you will have issues.

I had a payment set up for the 1st August and today on the 31st July I edited the date of the scheduled payment - to send the payment today.

It let me edit the date and gave no warning messages.

However (a) the scheduled payment disappeared from the list of scheduled payments implying it had been sent, and (b) it did not appear in the list of transactions implying it was still scheduled but not yet sent.

I discussed it with Customer Services and thought I should raise it on here.

They indicated I would need to change the date a few days before required.

I therefore feel you need to either have a text error message pop up explaining it can’t be done and prohibit saving the edit, or restrict the date calender to not allow selection of today’s date."



Thanks for your feedback here, @kjersti.larsen is working on our scheduled payment flows and management so I’ll make sure she aware of these experiences. @kjersti.larsen ^^


For the first time today I needed to amend a sheduled payment, so looking forward to improvements on this :smile: