Amazon Card “security check”


So - my Starling card is one of my payment cards linked to my

On Friday afternoon a notification popped up for £1.00 on the Starling app to Amazon. I had not placed any orders. I queried with amazon and long story short they told me it was a “security check” on my payment cards. They said they haven’t charged me and that it will drop off “subject to my bank’s policies” - which seems like backheeling to me - and insisted that “they never charge without a customer’s permission”. Although not a big deal it kind of riles me since although they insist they haven’t charged me I am still temporarily without said funds so is tantamount to a charge.

I’m guessing it’s buried in the T&Cs of using amazon that they are allowed to do this but part of me is tempted to query the charge and see what happens.


I had the same thing recently too, they did it to all of the cards on my account including my Monzo prepaid card which was delclined and Starling card. I got the same crappy excuse from them too!


Yes, and cold comfort though it may be, same happened to me.


It’s their legacy way of checking whether a card is active. There is a proper way to do so without taking any money (Monzo highlights those as “Active card check”, not sure if Starling does the same), but they prefer doing it the lazy/legacy way by attempting an authorization but never actually settling/presenting it, and hoping for the bank to expire the authorization (usually 7 days) eventually.


This happened to me with Now TV for 10p this week. Will these funds ever be returned? When I banked legacy, I regularly had £1 Amazon checks which always sat as a pending payment before quickly dropping off, but my experience of this has been different with Monzo and Starling; it actually debits. Frustrating.


I’m not sure how long Starling waits before discarding them, I bet it’s 7 days or similar. Are you sure the funds are actually debited (I mean ring-fenced away, as they are never actually debited since the transaction is not presented), or are there silently released back into your account but you just don’t notice because maybe Starling doesn’t give you a notification in this case?

FYI Monzo discards un-presented transactions after 7 days (used to be 5 until an unfortunate coincidence happened with Easter bank holidays and weekends caused a lot of transactions to be discarded and a bit of panic) and gives you a “refund” notification.

In any case, a quick chat with customer support should sort this out for you. :+1:t2: