Almost paid the incorrect account after switching apps


I have a payee with two accounts listed under them. I selected the account that I wished to pay, then switched out to a different app for a matter of seconds, then back in.

The account defaulted back to the first account in the list, rather than the account I’d selected. This is pretty dangerous and almost resulted in me paying the wrong account. Any way of remembering my choice when I return to the app?


I remember reading about the same issue in a thread last month, but can’t find it. Sorry for the repetition!


Thanks for your feedback, we’ll try and improve this as we certainly don’t want you to pay the wrong accounts.


I posted about this very problem upon originally discovering it previously in January:

As for repeating this; it’s a hard to find thread for a complex issue and as yet it hasn’t been fixed. No sweat. :smile:


I just re-tested the scenario when transferring some cash; it has indeed now been fixed with the latest update. :slight_smile:

Thanks to the Starling developers who fixed it. :grin: