Aim for what you love with Starling Goals 💰


When we asked you what feature you were most looking forward to, the clear winner was Goals.

So, here it is, everyone. Starling Goals has arrived in the latest version of the app!

Now you can create Goals, personalise them with a photo (to keep up that motivation!), set targets and easily access your money if you need to.


Let us know what you think! :smiley:

✅ Sneak Peek: Starling Goals
Android 0.25.2 - Goals
Goals questions

I’m trying to think of a way I can use this with YNAB but I can’t :frowning:

Good work anyway!


This is amazing!

As mentioned in the Android thread, just setup my first Goal (Portugal Holiday) and it all worked fantastically! The process is simple and straight forward, great animations which help visualise what’s happening, great icon and description in the Pulse.

A clearly well though out implementation, you should all be very proud of yourselves!


Goals is amazing! we asked you delivered. Superb work from all the teams involved.


Is anyone else frantically trying to think of as many things as possible to save up for just so they can keep playing with this feature…? Probably just me then!


That’s great feedback! Nice one @Chalky & @Joe_Merriman :smiley:


First Goal… more holidays with the wife.


You’re not alone @Chalky :smirk:


Me too :slight_smile:


*Refreshes Google Play Store

Looking forward to this - nice work Starling!


Well done the Starling team! Goals is nicely implemented and well worth the wait! :tada:


Really pleased and playing with this now on iOS.


What a nice Birthday Present from Starling for you!

Happy Birthday!


Having a lump sum of money sat in a savings account gave me no clarity on what I needed it for

I’ve now moved it all to Starling and set up 4 goals and assigned the lump sum to individual pots. Now I can clearly see how much more I need to save for each goal!

Thanks Starling


:point_up: and :running_man: and saving for a new :eye::spiral_notepad: . Current one very sluggish.

May take a while though :timer_clock:

Love this feature.

Now if Starling could just match Tesco Bank’s saving rates :grin:


I’ve not been keeping up to date on savings goals. It’s the plan for these to also work with external savings? With your low interest rates I’m not keen on keeping too much money with you but would like vision of everything in one place and hopefully move away from YNAB


That’s awesome, Kyle! :raised_hands:


I see you can’t dip into the goals?

Say if you have a rainy day fund, I can’t see how you take say £100 out and leave the rest? Looks like you have to delete the goal?

Is that right?


On Android, you go into the Goal and tap on the money that’s in the ‘pot’ and you are then able to enter how much you would like to move back.

Spending Money isn’t blank in the app, I just rubbed it out!


Oh yeah. Nice one, Chalky! :slight_smile: