Hello Gang.
I’m so impressed with Starling it untrue. & now with Applepay it’s all I use.
My question is Do Starling have an Advertising Bugdet? As I think One good campaign in the National Press will really help Starling expand rapidly as you have the First Complete Current account with a Banking licence from the Fintech sector. I believe you could get a huge Surge in users both young, & old. I’m not an Expert but the National press is struggling for ad revenues as more of us get our News online & I imagine their Rates would be very competitive. I can truly see Starling being the Fintech Market leader. But we need to have a bigger online presence like our nearest competitor. So any plans to advertise? With the right advert stating “a full current account opened in seconds , from the comfort of your own home” ect & all the other huge beneifits over legacy banks & some if not all other Fintech Banks. Taking into consideration your banking license and the reassurance that our money is protected and you currently offer a fully functional current account . Maybe you could do a joint promotion. For every user signing up using that Publications code gets them
The paper free with first Starling card use?
I’m spreading the word. Just love Starling!!!


I really think this is a great idea. I so want Starling to thrive and their product is absolute class. I am also spreading the word as much I can do.


Ty. We have to steal a march right now, being the only one with a complete product, I would seriously love to invest in Starling .


I like the idea but because Starling is still in Beta, huge advertising campaigns probably aren’t on the radar right now. We don’t want to make Starling too big too soon and not be able to handle everyone in the system.

I’d guess that there will be advertising campaigns but they will be a bit later on.


Fine tune the experience a bit more :slight_smile:


Yeh I hear you, But first to Market is a major Factor… but I understand this relies on the Capacity to open new accounts as fast as requested, in that case people could be added to a queue like others have done, I’d love too see a 200k waiting list for Starling. :+1::rainbow:


A huge waiting list could be bad for business as well. Currently, those waiting are people who are interested in being with Starling for the long haul and are happy taking the risk of being with a bank so early in its life.

The risk with a nationwide marketing campaign is that you add people who may not be as interested in the fact that Starling is a young company and things will break and you could end up with a fair bit of negative reaction from that.


Picture Starling 5 years from now… what will it be like.


I Wonder if anyone from Starling who may read this could enlighten us? Do take your point about the waiting list, but I waited a couple of
Months for a rivals card to be available when I got to the next in line spot. It didn’t seem to harm them & they have 300k users. Way maybe somebody from Starling can tell us if they can handle more capacity at the moment. Viva La starling !! :+1::rainbow:


I keep having visions of a very deep voiced narrator, possibly that guy who used to do the Carlsberg ads, just come on and say, “imagine a bank where you could open an account from the comfort of your own armchair in seconds with an overdraft , (subject to Status) Free Card use when abroad saving £££s,Instant notifications, no more waiting a few days to see where your money went, Starling… Probaly the best Fintech Bank in the World.” :facepunch::+1::grinning:


I would strongly vote against advertising. The money is much better spent on “organic” advertising through a genuine and helpful Facebook/Twitter presence, or encouraging us to invite new people (like an invite contest every month with a cash prize for the one inviting the most people?).

Conventional advertising is just spam at this point, and I’m not sure it will work for Starling’s target market - I know for sure it won’t work for me - despite Revolut’s ads plastered all around London Underground I still couldn’t care less about their (awful) product - in fact it gives me a negative view of their product - “they’re so bad that their only option is to spam ads all over the place and hope it sticks”.


Web advertising is now appearing as far as I can see - I was excited to see Starling ads today on some sites I visited (see below). I guess it is a reflection of Starling’s own confidence in the proposition and push for scale - which is good news.

These days many of these ads are delivered selectively based on prior sites or products visited (I guess using cookies and web histories) so I’m curious if there is any way to save Starling advertising budget on not showing to customers like us!

As we’re mobile customers there will be no correlation on our laptops/tablets to any cookies dropped. Perhaps the presence of a Starling community login cookie could be a proxy for folks who probably don’t need to be advertised Starling? :wink:


I also saw a Starling advert today! :grinning:


I’m getting the adverts on pretty much every website I visit.

It’s obviously targeted - I wonder what the parameters are? Maybe it’s because I visit the Monzo site?

If it’s because I regularly visit here then it’s a bit preaching to the converted.


I tend to tell them I don’t want to see starling ads when they pop up as they pay per view and as you said @Pipefish it’s kind off waisted ads as I’m already on board!


It’s probably targeted because you visit the forum often. I’m getting a lot of ads for Starling alongside adverts for my own place of work!

That’s what’s always annoyed me about ads, I only seem to get adverts for things I already own or know about. Amazon are the absolute worst for this, they know what products I’ve bought so why on earth would you serve me ads on them!


Personally I use an ad blocker so I haven’t noticed but I’m curious to see the effectiveness of those ads. I’ve never ever switched banks upon seeing an ad and to be honest ads will actually make me loose confidence in the product - if it was that good you wouldn’t need ads for it.


It would be great if the app was featured on the App Store that would cause a surge in downloads. I remember when Monzo was


Yeah, definitely. I vaguely remember that as well, didn’t do them any harm that’s for sure!!!


Was just doing a spot of Amazon shopping and came across this. Entrepreneur builds the bank of the future in the Cloud via @amazonnews