Adjustable low balance warnings


Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have an adjustable ‘balance is below’ setting.
Just a slider would be good.

Personally I’d like to know when it’s below £50 rather than £25.

I work in the development industry, and even id class this as low priority. But please add to your list!


I totally agree - £25 is an arbitrary figure that will work for some people but not others. Making this configurable would be a nice quick win.


On a related note, I find the wording in the low balance notification a bit odd, it says “Open the app to top up”. This seems to presume that you’re not using Starling as your main bank account.


Yes, it reads like a prepaid card.


Well, even if you top up by Faster Payments Scheme transfers you still open up the app to find your account details.


I do agree that there are lots of parts of the app/processes/notifications that act as if it’s not a main account. If Starling want it to be a primary current account everything should be like that.

I often find myself pressing the “Add Money” button in the menu to find it doesn’t actually just put a lump sum in my account!

Edit: I would also like to see the low balance notification trigger amount being amended.


The £25 limit is annoying, for example I might decide I’m going to the pub, and put £30 in my main balance, I don’t need to know after two drinks I have a low balance. I had a low balance to start with.

Other times I might want to know when it gets under £50 to ensure my phone bill doesn’t bounce.

A changeable limit would be great rather than just £25 for everyone.


FYI, NatWest allow you to manually set the “low” limit (and also allow you to get a notification when your account goes above a certain limit. Useful for getting notified when you get paid etc, but as Starling sends notifications for all incoming transactions anyway, it’s probably a redundant feature for Starling.)


Santander (online banking, rather than the app), allows you to set up multiple alerts based on balance as well as transaction size. I think it’d be useful to have something similar - I’d see myself setting alerts at different amounts as I got close to nil. It would be good to be to set alerts based on the main balance or the balance including funds in goals.