Additional card(s) for one account


There are a few reasons why this would be useful:

  1. Spare card in case you lose one (esp when travelling).
  2. I can give a card to my wife so all expenditure can be analysed (I know, I know, connected accounts… but an additional card is simple fix for now)
  3. Use the additional card for all internet accounts - so if one loses ones main card, no need to update all payment information details on amazon, iTunes, Netflix, PayPal, etc, etc. The card could even be virtual, so it can never be lost
  4. Could be used to segregate expenditure (e.g. work-related expenses vs personal expenditure). (This could theoretically could be achieved with connected accounts, but that may add overhead transferring funds between them. )


I like the idea of a sepparate virtual card. If that could be assigned to a goal I would have a great way of managing pocket money!


Point 3 could related to this suggestion for online transactions :slight_smile:


what a great idea! Really like it.


Gets my vote. My wife - who isn’t British - comes here often and I give her one of my cards to use to save on her being charged fees at ATM’s and on foreign transactions or having the trouble/danger of carrying lots of cash around.

Having a second card and being able to assign a “Goal” to it would be brilliant.