Adding Starling to Money Dashboard


Just to say that I have just done this and the process took seconds to complete - and about 1 minute to bring across the transactions (OK - there are only 5, but…). It feels like there is a good synergy between the two and fills me with inspiration for the way forward in UK banking. Just need to gird my loins for transferring everything across from FD. R-

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Mine didn’t carry over the transactions prior to adding Starling. This is what I’ve been waiting for though so I can drop Moneyhub and use Money dashboard instead for free.


Hmm. sorry to be pedantic but the transactions could not come across PRIOR to adding Starling - only when successfully linked and updated. Presumably now though all is fine? R-


All linked and previous transactions have not come across 24 hours later. No matter how many times I refresh the account. It’s not a big issue with me, but moneyhub pulls all the transactions months back when you first add starling and it happens immediately, includes the overdraft and goals to. But I do prefer money dashboard personally
When I said prior, I meant previous transactions before adding starling do not appear


Not good. Perhaps get in touch with MDB customer service folk and see if anything corrupted during the a/c set-up. Are you seeing Starling transactions dated after Starling was added?

IMHO, MDB is one of the best financial aggregators available both in terms of visual appeal and ease of operation. I started out with MoneyWiz but to get the auto transfer of data it becomes a paid app. Frustratingly FD security requires me to input an electronic keycode when I want MDB to update - and I don’t take the little generator out of the house so cannot update on the move.

Keep going. Look forward to hearing how you get on. R-


I’ve added my account to MD, but, same as @TheCorner, my transactions didn’t carry over. I’ve spent since adding it so it hasn’t added new transactions either. I’ve just tried removing my starling account and readding but it hasn’t worked.


I haven’t had any new transactions since adding the account to MDB so I just sent a payment out, and the balance has changed but the transaction hasn’t appeared. I think I will give it a day or 2 and see what happens before contacting them. Hold on before I bin my moneyhub account, totally agree with @RogerB the best app I have used and I’ve tried quite a few.


Curiouser and curiouser @Tom_Ashcroft. I’ve just had look at my MDB app and, although I said there were only 5, I see now that everything is there right from the first transfer of funds into Starling, including all the faffing about I did seeing what happened with Goals etc. (about 25 transactions). I can only suggest the same to you as @TheCorner, give MDB customer services a call. Seems odd that it worked for me (First Direct if it makes any difference). Let us know how you get on.

Anyone else seeing these issues?



Definitely worth waiting a day for the last transaction just in case there is an “overnight” update, but all the other transactions should show. R-


just sent a message to their feedback and support through MDB.


I think you will hear something soon. R-


Please update us :slight_smile:


Hi, I’ve escalated this to the Money Dashboard team, not sure if its their expected behaviour or not but they should get back to you on this!


Hi @Tom_Ashcroft @TheCorner - Jossie from MDB here. Thanks for flagging this. The expected behaviour is definitely that you get all your historic transactions. We’ve identified the bug that’s affected a handful of users (sorry!). Just working on getting you a fix asap. Will let you know when it’s good to go.


Thank you very much, an unexpected quick reply and good CS :+1:


Thanks @Jossie_Ellis! You’ve worked some magic I presume, transactions now appearing after removing and readding starling account!


Same here all transactions just appeared. Thank you @Jossie_Ellis for the fast work


Awesome. Glad you’re all sorted @Tom_Ashcroft @TheCorner :slight_smile:


:rofl: Now I have 100s of untagged transactions to sort through :+1:


That’s a different kettle of fish :wink: Once you get over the initial hurdle though it gets waaaay quicker. Our team has also been working on some fancy new algorithms to try and get to 100% tagging accuracy so you won’t have to do anything. Still WIP. If you come across any oddities in tags for your starling transactions pls do ping them over to our support team. either through support in app, or email to It takes a little while for Mercury - our tagging engine - to learn transactions from new providers, so if you have any you’d like to highlight for Starling we can feed them in manually to speed up the process.