Adding Starling CARD to paypal wallet, where's the PIN?


I’ve added my starling CARD (not bank account) to PayPal. I now need to confirm the card by pasting the 4 digit code that should appear on my statement next to a £1 PayPal temporary debit.

However, whilst I can see the £1 debit, there is no 4 digit code next to it on my starling statement. I did this process 5 working days ago, so would expect to see it by now.

Am I missing something really obvious here?


Hi @simontweedale

When you view the transaction, you should see a “REFERENCE” at the bottom of the screen. I believe this is where PayPal would put it, rather than next to their name.

Ok, I’ve just tried this, and I see what you mean. The only way I can see of getting the code is by tapping “Improve”, and it will show the original transaction entry in the format of:


Where 0000 is the code you need. This could be clearer though.


Contact Support Via chat and they will give you the 4 Digits you require


thanks @parker - tapping improve was the key. All sorted now.