Adding notes or tags to transactions


I’ve searched this forum and I can’t seem to see a thread on this specific feature, which surprises me greatly. One of Monzo’s best features is the ability to add notes to transactions, so we know what that transaction was for when we come back to look at it. It’s a very valuable feature for budgeting, especially when viewing our transaction history at a certain place.

A few use cases:

  1. Subscriptions to services made through Apple unfortunately always come up as generic “iTunes” for the name/place of the transaction. (The same with Paypal.) Some way to label these with the specific service or person the money is for would be great (e.g. “Apple Music”).
  2. A group of us colleagues often go out for meetings in a cafe, for lunch, or for an evening meal. It’d be great to be able to somehow tag those transactions so I can easily search for them and see how much I’m spending eating out with colleagues. With Monzo, I use the word ‘colleagues’ in the notes of each transaction and that solves that problem.
  3. To save money, I’ve started buying ingredients to make lunch with as part of my regular grocery shopping; however, sometimes I’m lazy or I just feel like going out for lunch. It’d be great to be able to easily keep track of just how much I’m spending out on lunch every month. Specifying the Eating Out category and checking the time of the transaction goes some way to solving that problem, but there may have been a reason I went to that place other than for lunch. It’d be great to just be able to tag these specific transactions as “lunch” and perhaps mention my justification for going against my budgeting aims in that instance.

Monzo’s implementation is a freeform text field. I quite like the idea of a more rigid implementation of tagging transactions (perhaps allowing us to specify custom tags we can add to transactions; multiple tags per transaction). However, such a tagging mechanism could work alongside a freeform text field for other notes; I do find the freeform system helpful as well because it allows me to justify a purchase to myself so I’m not wondering why I spent that money when I look back at it, or so I can see just how often I’ve used a lame excuse for buying something I could have done without and try to curb my spending more :smile:

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This is something that I really like the idea of. I haven’t used Monzo but have been trying to sort my finances more and more recently (which is how I found Starling Bank) and LOVE how sites like Google implement Tags and this would allow you to quickly say that a transaction is [Food], [Eating out], [With Friends], [Un-necessary] :wink: etc… And then when I want to work out where my money went last month I could maybe get a total of [Eating Out] or even better [Un-necessary] and if it’s a BIG amount I can try to drop this down.

I :heart: this idea!


Hi Calum
I recall very lengthy conversations on the Monzo forum in relation to tagging or annotating transactions.

On the face of it, being able to have a limited tagging feature sounds interesting but I guess the justification would need to be that it adds value to the transaction facility.

Tagging would potentially tell you a lot about your habits (spending-wise, anyway) without becoming a burden. Reporting back could then be via an extension of the established spending facility.

This, I like (though the free-text, not so much)…


That’s absolutely the main use case I had in mind :slight_smile: Being able to easily see unnecessary transactions would be really helpful, and that kind of tagging feature would be a much better, more powerful implementation than Monzo’s notes feature, in my opinion. Glad you like it :slight_smile:


The burden of a freeform text field is a very good point. I do find it a hassle typing everything out, especially because I find myself repeating myself throughout the week (e.g. “:fried_egg: Breakfast”).


I wonder if the emoji keyboard could be the tagging feature, considering it’s standard on all platforms? That would give the user a vast choice of tags without the need for a custom tagging feature. For example, in the above post I used :fried_egg: to signify breakfast and I might use that for every breakfast-related transaction, but someone else could use :banana:, and they could use different emojis to signify different types of breakfast if they really wanted to; it gives the user a lot of choice.

But best of all, the emoji(s) used for the tags could act as a sort of badge on the transaction in the transaction list, allowing the user to very easily see where their money has gone as they scroll down the list. (Perhaps with a reasonable upper limit for the amount of tags that could be added to a transaction.)


You’re clearly warming to the task :grinning:


I’m not sure the emoji thing would be any quicker than tags… for example that egg icon is buried what 3 sections and god knows how many pages in to iOS’s standard keyboard. To get that up I would type “Breakfast” and use iOS’ auto-complete to turn it into a egg “emoji”… Also it’s not really clear what :robot: is… DID I actually buy a robot (or 4 last month) or was I trying to say that’s some kinda tech… :thinking: Also IF it was robot where is it now! :open_mouth:


Now THAT’S the worrying bit, I’d suggest…:flushed:


Thanks all - it is on our list, @Adam_Dowdeswell is working on the additional features for our transaction details screens. Nice ideas btw :clap:


My thinking was that the user would pick an emoji that has some meaning to them in regard to that type of transaction, so they could apply that meaning when glancing at the transaction (e.g. I might use :couple: to denote socialising with friends, then use that emoji for every transaction I make while socialising with friends).

But you make a very good point about how hard it is to find emojis a lot of the time, even with iOS’s QuickType feature. And it’s very possible that despite the choice, there wouldn’t actually be a suitable emoji for a tag that someone wanted; when I was writing that socialising example, I wondered what emoji I would use for socialising with colleagues specifically. Further, it’s possible the user could forget the meaning behind an emoji—the reason they chose it.

The more I think about the emoji idea, the more I think it’s a bad idea :sweat_smile:


That’s great to hear! Thanks for the quick response!


Slightly off topic but if you’re wanting quick access to Emoji, you should try the SwiftKey keyboard. It’s available for Android and iOS and will suggest emoji as you’re typing:


+1 for this idea. As I said on the search transactions post, it’s extremely useful on Monzo to be able to search by notes. My scenario was that of a business trip, and being able to easily tag and find all expenses for that particular trip when it comes time to submit your expenses.

Monzo also allows you to attach photos, such as receipts, to the transaction, which could also be really useful in the expense submission scenario (providing you can extract / download them at a later date)


@Chalky native to the iOS keyboard :wink:


Apologies if this has already been mentioned, but I’d love a function where I can add notes to a transaction - specifically cash machine withdrawals. It’s be nice to be able to make notes on what I was doing with it, or even be able to assign a category to the spend. Thanks!!


That’s a good idea.


Adding a note to a transaction is definitely coming :soon:. There was a glimpse of it in some screenshots shared by @sarah.guha recently… You should be able to view it here: Submit Merchant Info & Corrections

You can see there is a little note icon within the transaction detail :+1:


Thanks Liam, that’s really helpful and I can’t wait for it to come along!! starling rocks!


Hi all, I’m a long term Monzo user and I made my first transaction with Starling this evening. Unless I’m missing something, has the ability to add transaction notes not been implemented yet? It’s quite surprising, and a major missing feature in my opinion.