Adding money via debit card


Hey folks, brand new user here. A buddy of mine has been using Starling for a while and I have decided to join as well as it looks like a breath of fresh air to the current high street banks offerings. One of the things that attracted me was the ease of adding money to my account via another debit card. However, I can’t seem to be able to acheive this. Can someone point me in the right direction? I haven’t taken delivery of my card yet, could this be why? Any help would be great. Thanks.

Watch a total of 24 different community members decide within 5 hours that debit card top-ups need to be removed for all users with one months notice. Incredible scenes Jeff, incredible scenes.


Using android, the menu at the top left. Go to add money, choose debit card


On iOS click on profile icon in top right hand corner. Click add money in menu.


@TheCorner @tim7

I am faced with this screen…


Is it a Joint Account? I know they don’t have the Debit Card top-up option.


This is just a standard current account. Not a business or joint account.


Can @StarlingSupport advise on this one?

(Unless someone else on the community has the answer).


Is your account verified ?

If you click on Account Management at the bottom it will say verification status.


It is verified, yes.


I am iOS. This seems to have changed. The last time I did this I just photographed the DD card of my bank account sending the money. Now it seems you are just being presented with your Starling account details to do the transfer the old fashioned way. R-


I can’t remember where my buddy said it was but it was like magic and I’ve never have an account where I could add money from another debit card. It was one of the things that drew me to sign up.


Settle Up? Thanks. I will take a look and see what I can find.


I’m wondering if it was phased out. I still have it but I know new customers who don’t


That would be strange, allowing some to have it but not others. Is it like a lottery as to who gets what features?


Is it expensive to add money that way then? I just thought it is a lot easier than logging into my banks online banking and moving money around that way.


It’s must be gone for new users, I know a few people who had a lower limit when they opened their account a while back too…


I wouldn’t have an objection to it going completely.

Before other options existed I can see why it was there but it really isn’t necessary any more


The option is on Android.


It’s been stopped for new users it appears.

Existing users seem to be unaffected.


I hope we don’t lose it all together. I find it very useful :neutral_face: