Adding Image to Payee - Can't Submit Authenticate Prompt


Hi @StarlingSupport,

I’m using a iPhone X, latest iOS, latest app, and i’m trying to add a picture to a newly created payee, which is failing as I can’t enter the password to confirm.

  • Select “Pay”
  • Click the payee in question
  • Click the 3 dots “…” and Edit
  • Click the Photo button to add an image, select a picture from Photos, choose cropping and click “Choose”
  • “Authenticate” box pops up asking for my Starling Password, enter in my password and click “Done”, which does nothing.

Clicking anywhere else cancels the change.


Hey @nikdoof I just tested this on iPhone X with Starling app version 0.48.0 and it worked right away.

If you’re still having trouble, best log this via the app with CS, so we can check your account.

Thanks :grinning: