Add to Apple Wallet not working


Just signed up to Joint Account, and Add to Apple Wallet link doesn’t work, nothing happens. The same on my wifes phone.


Hi @David_Griffiths

It seems like they’re already aware and on the case :+1:


@David_Griffiths - I had the same issue today, although not a new account. I was able to add my card directly in Apple Wallet and click the blue ‘+’ and from there the card was added. Have you tried this?


I would need the card to do that, and only just opened, so was hoping to use the account straight away with Apple Wallet whilst waiting for the card.


I didn’t need the card. It was automatically populated. Have you tried?


I have tried, but it just asks for a photo of the card or to enter card details manually. Am I doing something wrong?


Oh, I didn’t have to compete that step. It had a picture of the card pop up and then I could add it. Sorry, false hopes. Don’t worry though, hold on in there it’ll be sorted really quickly.

This is a poor first impression, however this is a strange bug, but please bear with it as it’s totally worth it. Instances like these are almost unheard of, so you’ve just been really unlucky.


No rush - I already have my personal account, which I’ve had for a while and loving it. Just convinced the wife to sign up :slight_smile:


@JamesPratley More than month ago, myself, my partner and other people reported that the profile photos disappeared once we restarted the iPhones!! I hoped that this will be fixed with today’s release but that was not the case… we loose the profile photos on restart.


The fix is in the next update… i’ll try find the post…

I guess this is what you mean? Or is this another bug?


Coming in 0.56


The app seems very buggy. Why doesn’t this button do anything?


FWIW, I’m also having this issue. Not sure if it’s widespread or not. Exact same scenario–this worked about a week ago when I created my personal account, but not working with new joint account.

App 0.55.1, iPhone X, iOS 11.4.1


Yep, same issue here so can’t use my account until the real card arrives.


Hi all,

This should now be fixed in the latest version of the app (0.56.0)!

Please update if you haven’t already and give it another go :slight_smile:

Let us know how you get on!


this worked for me in 0.56.0